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It would be appropriate right now to take some time out of the story to explain social structure of the world of Kenmark.

Kenmark was once just two groups of people. The Regulars and the Unnaturals. The Regulars were humans and the Unnaturals were anything other than human (demons, angels, faeries, etc.). There was a combined hatred towards the Unnaturals. They were unnaturals and against the laws of life. They were dangerous.

After a large civil war within the Regulars, the group was split into two parts, the Originals and the Normals. A center government called the Control was created and now controlled both groups of humans and also worked on destroying all possible connections with the Unnaturals. It was illegal to have an affair with an Unnatural. And Unnaturals were not allowed within any of the borders of any city. Anyone who crossed the border was immediately arrested and executed in front of everyone.

While there was a time where humans had tried to get along with the other races, it has now come to either life or death. One or the other. And halflings, were the most hated or all.

The End

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