The rest of the school day flew past in a daze. Kayla was scared and now suddenly, bullying didn’t seem like such a terrible thing. She knew that this could be a terribly mean prank someone wanted to play on her. But it was worth the risk. And she had a feeling that it wasn’t going to just a prank.

The last school bell rang and Kayla rushed out of the school building. Instead of heading home like she usually did, she turned off towards the Bakery. Arriving at the Bakery, she stood there and stared into the glass displays of the shop, waiting for whoever was suppose to come to meet her there.

Minutes passed by and no one came. The baker even came out suspiciously, threatening her if she didn’t leave soon. Kayla felt a long feeling of disappointment and embarrassment. How could she have fallen for that? She felt so gullible. Kayla shook her head as she turned to leave. There would be lots of laughing the next day.

But as she was about to leave, a voice rang out behind her.

“So you came.” Kayla’s eyes opened wide and she whirled around. There stood the Alias boy, still clothed in black leaning against the wall.

“Y-yes” Kayla said, blinking back her surprise.

“Gullible.” He mumbled.

“W-what?” Kayla stared at him. Was this a setup?

Alias looked at her, noticing how she still had the crumpled pieces of paper in her hands.

“You still have those?”

Kayla looked down and quickly dropped them, her cheeks flushing. Alias bent down and picked them up, uncrumpling them as he stood back up again.

“Interesting...” He said, staring at the smudged pencil lines. “I thought I said a few minutes after school. Not directly. Hmmm....” He trailed off. “Well, I apologize for making you wait.”

“It’s fine.” Kayla shook it off quietly.

“Well, I think we should get down to business then.”


“Yes.” Alias pushed himself off the wall and began strolling down the sidewalk. “I don’t think you were informed yet that the Control is looking for you?”

“The Control?” Kayla stared at him in shock. Why would the Control be looking for her?

“Yes. And something else your mother has been hiding from you too.”

“What?” Her mother hadn’t told her about this.

“You’re half Unnatural.”

The End

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