Kayla stared uncomfortably at him. Why didn’t he sit up there? It wasn’t like she didn’t want company, but this was just plain weird. And it freaked her out. The English teacher was just as surprised.

“If you would like to introduce yourself, Miss Diahart...” She trailed off, a look of shock still frozen on her face.

“I- Uh-” Kayla looked around the classroom, clearly fluster by the attention.

“Kayla. Kayla Diahart.” She finally managed to mutter, staring at the ground. She could feel the heat rush to her face as everyone watched her.

The boy simply nodded and turned back to face the front. The teacher cleared her throat and drew all attention back to her.

“Well, I suppose it’s time to start class. Students, take out your books and flip to page 5.”

Kayla let go of a breath she didn’t even knew she was holding. That was a lot to bear. Now she really had to spend so quality time world building. But before she could sink back into her world, she heard a small rustle and spied three crumpled little sheets of paper land lightly on her desk. She leaned in curiously and unfolded them, revealing three quickly rewritten messages.

They are looking for you.

Meet me outside the Bakery directly after school.

Do NOT hesitate, for you are in grave danger.

Kayla’s eyes opened wide and she felt her heart pound against her chest as the last of those words reverberated in her mind.

Do NOT hesitate, for you are in grave danger.

Danger? What did she do?

The End

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