Kayla walked into the grey auditorium where everyone gathered each year to receive their schedules. It was a small sheet of paper with a bunch of tables typed out in maybe size 6 font. Kayla always had trouble reading the paper. Somehow that wasn’t an issue with everyone else. There was always the long winded speech about keeping the tradition of Normal life and of course the reading of the rule book. The first day of school was taken up by mostly the rule reading. The same boring repetition of what to do and what not to do. And if it wasn’t in the book of rules. Don’t do it.

Kayla squinted at her little sheet. She would have to memorize that thing soon before she lost it, or else she was going to get another long winded speech about the rules of Normal life. English first? Kayla sighed with relief. English was one of the better classes.

Kayla walked into that classroom, which was painted white for a change, the biggest color difference you would ever see in the entirety of a Normal city. From gray to white. Was is really that big of a deal? There was still the sky, a light blue. The ground was brown. But they were on the forbidden list. You weren’t allowed to look at the sky and if you did, you got punished. It was absolutely ridiculous.

Each classroom was lined with neat row of desks that all were the same exact shape and color. Other than the first row, which was reserved for top students, you had the choice to choose your seat. It was a small liberty that most people took advantage of fully.

Like usual, Kayla was pushed back to the last row. Like usual, she was alone with no one next to her. She actually liked it like that better. There wasn’t anyone there to annoy her or disturb her thought process.

The English teacher was standing at the front of the room.

“Students! Please calm down!” Immediately, all of the students stopped talking and looked at the teacher. It was a Normal rule. If you didn’t stop talking, it was the long winded speech for you. “I would like to introduce you all to a new student!”

There was clapping. Clapping meant something good. Even though Kayla thought clapping was terribly inappropriate for this occasion. What poor kid had to move here? Anywhere was better than here. This city was known notoriously for being the worst Normal city. Who would want to move here? Well other than her mother which was still a completely mystery to Kayla.

Kayla looked up and saw a boy standing next to the English teacher.

“I would like the introduce you to Alias!”

More clapping. Kayla studied the boy curiously. He had jet black hair that seemed to be streaked with strips of dark navy blue. His hair hung down and covered his eyes partially. Something that was gregariously different from the brown hair everyone else had. His head stuck out just like Kayla’s. Except Kayla had reddish brown hair. He was wearing black unlike the rest of the drab gray uniforms. He didn’t seem to be wearing a uniform either. But no one seemed to notice. All everyone cared right now was his terribly handsome face. The girls gasped and stared at him in wonder. The boys eyes him jealously, annoyed at another competitor. Did his face look that godly that everything that made him stand out was cancelled out? Kayla sighed. What if she was pretty? And didn’t have those scarring birthmarks on her face? Would it be all different? She shook her head. There was no point in what-if ing. She wasn’t pretty and so no one liked her. It was just as simple as that.

“Alias, if you would like to pick a seat.” The teacher gestured towards the rows of desks. “There is still an empty spot next to Emilia. Or if you insist, there is still an empty seat next to Miss Diahart.”

Kayla winced as the English teacher called her by her last name. It wasn’t just the students that didn’t like her. The teachers seemed to take a liking in bullying her as well. And referring to someone by their last name, was not a good sign. Kayla turned and stared out the window. So he was given the choice between her and Emilia. Who was going to win? The ugly misfit or Little Miss Alpha?

And so it was that everyone gasped when the boy walked past the first row, revealing a very downcast Emilia and strode right to the last row where Kayla sat. He pulled the chair out from beneath the desk and sat down next to her. The whole room was silent as everyone stared at him.

So the ugly misfit won.

The End

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