Kayla was outside and waiting for the bus precisely the moment right before the bus came. Thank god they didn’t see her rush out of her house, still putting her shoe on. The bus door opened and she walked onto the rumbling bus, wincing slightly as the door slammed behind her.

She walked up the steps and faced the rows of seats filled with faces that all suddenly seem to quiet down. And Kayla’s hand instinctively shot up to her face. She forgot the makeup.

Over the summer, Kayla’s mother found a way to smuggle makeup from one of the nearby Original cities to help Kayla hid her birthmarks. All that effort and then, of course, she forgot. First day of school and she was about to be the laughingstock of the school again. This summer she had been so determined to change her reputation. And she just screwed it up. Kayla sighed as she walked down the aisle of the bus, receiving numerous stares and whispers. Somehow all of the seats just happened to be filled. Kayla barely slid into an empty seat in the back before the bus drove off again.

“Hey clown-face, how was your summer?” A boy behind her sneered. Kayla ignored him and stared out the window. “Mrs. Clown? Hello? Anyone home?”

The boy waved his hand in front of Kayla’s face. She pretended not to see it.

“Hey guys, I think the clown just went dumb! Maybe we need to knock some sense in her!”

Kayla shook her head despairingly. You would think that in a world where everything was the same, the children would be all innocent and nice. But the truth was, the Normals were created for the sole reason of helping the delinquents live without killing each other. Hence, you have the most brutal children as well. Just more reasons why Kayla wanted to leave this place.

Kayla shut her eyes and blocked out all of the noise in her surroundings. Each original was born with a gift. A talent they were allowed to cultivate and grow. Something unique to each and every individual. Kayla’s was the ability to construct worlds in her mind. If she had the proper education, she could have probably been able to project the world out onto something else. But all she could do for now, was think, construct, and write.

She made friends that way and it helped her get through each tedious school day. Friends that floated around her. Always there to help her. Too bad she couldn’t give them real life hugs.

The world she was in right now was still under development. Large structures were still forming, grass still growing. She watched as her mental pen scribbled through the world, moving through it at her will. She was making it as a haven to live in for school. It was last minute, yes, but it would be enough at least for the next week or two. A preoccupied mind mutes all surroundings. Especially pain.

The End

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