“Wake up missy! Time for school!”

“Five more minutes mom!” Kayla groaned as she rolled over trying to knock off the hand that was resting lightly on her shoulder.

“You’ll miss the bus. You know how much the school hates it when people miss the bus.”

Kayla sighed. She did. The Normal society hated anything that wasn’t normal. Meaning if you missed the bus, then you broke daily routine. And then that meant a long winded speech by the school headmaster on keeping the rules of a Normal society.

“Alright mother, I’ll be down in a sec.”

Her mother jumped off her bed and walked out her room, humming to a quick tune.

“Don’t you fall back asleep missy!”

“I won’t.”

Kayla waited until she heard her mother downstairs, before she fell back down into her bed. The Originals could sleep for as long as they want. As long as they didn’t abuse their power of sleep, they had the freedom. Kayla sighed as she pushed herself out of bed.

That didn’t happen in the Normal society. Alarm clocks were preset by the Control to ring on a set schedule. Kayla’s mother had to take the clock apart and put it back together to install an off button for Kayla. It wasn’t exactly legal. But who was going to notice a small black button on the bottom of an old black alarm clock? Thankfully, unlike every other aspect of Normal life, there was no alarm clock inspection committee. Better savor the little bits of freedom she could find while she could.

Kayla opened her closet, revealing rows of neatly hanged gray uniforms. A button down vest with a sweater to go over on cold days. A thigh length skirt in the summer and a longer one in the winter. Spring and fall were the only times where you had slightly more freedom in choosing how you look, but even then, it was controlled by the weather. Kayla reached in and grabbed the nearest one. She stripped off her gray nightgown and wriggled into the tight drab uniform.

Kayla walked downstairs where her mother was waiting, preparing the Monday breakfast. Even food was regulated. It was to the point where she wanted to throw up each day from eating the same thing over and over again.

She sat down at the table and nibbled on her bread. She could tell her mother had tried to spice it up with the little bit of cinnamon that was smuggled here over from the Original side. Her mother looked at her expectantly and Kayla forced a smile on her face as she tried to stuff the tasteless bread down her throat.

“How’s the bread?”

“Not bad.” Kayla managed to say as she forced herself to swallow. She quickly took a swig of milk to rinse the rest down. At least the milk wasn’t too bad.

“I tried adding some cinnamon to it. Hopefully that made it better.” She said, flashing a small hopeful glance towards Kayla.

“It did. Thanks mom.” Kayla grinned. The things her mother did for her sometimes made her feel so lucky. But then, having a hyperactive mother that acted like a ten year old on steroids was also the other reason. The only thing she still felt unhappy about was being in a Normal society. Why couldn’t they go back to an Original city? It was an argument she had with her mother many times, all which ended up nowhere. There were reasons, but they refused to be unburied.

The End

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