The Tea Party

Alice, you're awfully quiet...

"Alice, you're awfully quiet." The dark voice made the air thick with terror. The woman; whose name was in fact Mary sat at the long oak table. She was wearing a blue dress, in the traditional style of Alice from Wonderland. The pair didn't seem to be sat anywhere in particular, as a dark mist had begun to descend around her. She tried to lift her arms, but was fixed fast to the chair. "What do you want with me?" She screamed as the voice found a face. It was a dark shadowed figure wearing a top hat with 'In this style 10/6' written upon a small, bloodstained note stuck to the side. He seemed to be clutching what seemed like a bread knife.

Beside Mary sat another woman, dressed in a red overcoat and hare ears protruded from her head. She seemed to be asleep, but the deep red slit on her throat made Mary think differently. The lifeless corpse's head lifted up, swinging back upon what was left of her neck. "Tea?" The corpse laughed, flashing a glassy look at Mary, who rattled her chair, struggling to escape. "Let me go!" She screamed. At which the man swung his blade. Mary closed her eyes. All she heard was a sickening squelch as the corpse's head rolled onto the floor. 

"Ahh, Alice..." The man's voice creeped through the air, chilling Mary's bones.
"My name is Mary not Alice!" Mary interrupted, A bead of cold sweat ran down her forehead. "Now dear, that was rude. Let me finish." He slammed the knife down upon the table, its appearance becoming sharp and sliced into the table with ease. Mary looked at her reflection within it, she had blond hair that fell over her shoulders. "Who am I? Who are you.. What am I doing here!" She screamed as the figure looked into her eyes, Mary wondered how he did this as his whole face a shadow of nothing. "You are Mary, living on 19 Sea drive, Scarborough. Tonight you are Alice, in the never-ending tea party. I am the Mad Hatter; your worse nightmare." Mary's eyes widened with fear as the shadow took a deep breath.

"Would you like some tea?"

Instantly Mary's nightmare broke; shattered, like shards of glass.

A few hours later, a scream could be heard and was followed later by sirens. The eerie sound slicing through the dark night.

"Detective, victims name is Mary Louise Carheart. She has been slashed several times, by what seems to be glass. But so far we have found no record of any broken windows, or mirrors. We also found this on the body." The police officer held up a white gloved hand, In it was a playing card. The queen of hearts.

In the mirror upon the dresser, behind the police officers a faceless image seemed to laugh, to smile. His top hat read. "In this size 10/6."

The End

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