The Tavern: Rough CutsMature

The hero in disguise...

The would-be kidnaper’s body fell hard against the ground. He wheezed to catch his breath as a boot connected with his stomach, knocking the wind from his lungs again. Stepping over the kidnapper, Athen extends a hand towards the lady on the ground. “Are you alright, Mi’lady?”

Katelyn looked up at her rescuer. “I’m alright, they didn’t hurt me.”

“Come; let’s get you to the tavern. It’s safer there.” She took his hand. He pulled her to her feet, guiding her away from the scene of her attack…


“... And I’ll make sure to bring it to next practice.” Draven called to Athen as he and Katelyn started their walk. Athen waved to Draven in acknowledgement and turned to his charge.

“Well, this has been quite an evening so far, hasn’t it?” Athen smiled casually.

“Yes, it has” Katelyn returned his smile, “I’m having a great time.”

They walked a while, making conversation, following the darkened streets. “... That many fighters?” Katelyn looked shocked. “My god, no wonder you think Enoch is such an ass.” They stopped for a moment, and she placed her hands behind her on the wall of the shop they happened to be at, to keep the cold stone from her cheeks. Athen stood close to her.

“Yes, that many. I’ve never heard of anything like it in the history of An Tir. I almost gave up rapier that year because of it.”

“I wouldn’t blame you...” She suddenly realized he was staring at her. “What” She smiled.

“You look absolutely delicious tonight.” He smiled, stepping closer to her. “Did I tell you that?”

She smiled at the complement. “Only a few times tonight.” She made no move away, and he stepped closer still, looking deep into her eyes. He leaned in for a kiss, and she accepted it gladly. For a moment, their lips touched in a tender kiss...

He slowly pulled away, still looking into her eyes. “We should keep going, it’s very late...” She smiled.

She moved to take a step, but before she can react, suddenly his hand is at her throat, gripping her firmly; His knee is holding her dress between her legs, trapping them. His body is pressed against hers, pinning her hands behind her.

“We don’t need to go anywhere, do we?” his eyes were changed, suddenly eyeing her with a feral glare; his smile almost cruel.

“Athen... what are… you...” She gasped, his gloved hand holding her neck and head where he wanted, the soft leather seeming to grip her tightly, preventing her from screaming.

“You are very good with words, Mi’lady... very good.” Katelyn struggled against him, but he was much stronger than she’d first thought. Her struggles brought an evil smile to his face. “But I think we can put aside these games, wouldn’t you say?” She gasped, trying to scream, but he held her throat fast. She heard the sound of a dagger being unsheathed, and felt the cold steel on her bosom. “You owe me a debt, don’t you?” His breath was hot against her cheek. “It was not an easy task, dispatching those men. Did you really think it was for free? I’ve waited all evening for my payment…” he bit her jaw just below her ear, the sensation rough yet not unpleasant. “… and I’ll wait no longer to collect…”

He took the dagger and cut the lacing to her bodice, loosening it. “I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you have no reason to scream… yet… but don’t push your borders. You’ve led me on a merry chase, and I have little patience left tonight.” The hand at her throat slowly slid down, caressing her skin as it slid onto her breast, the bodice moving away easily. “I won’t hesitate to cut up that lovely skin of yours should you wish to default on my payment.” He gently drew the flat edge of the dagger down her side, the sharpness easily felt against her skin without a mark being left. He placed the breast that was in his other hand to his lips, tracing circles around her now exposed nipple with his tongue.

Leaning away from her, Athen unbuckled his belt with one hand while his other kept the dagger to her throat. Taking his belt in his free hand, he grabbed her shoulder and spun her to face the cold stone of the wall, securing her hands with his belt. He pressed himself hard against her; she could feel his member pressing into her flesh through their clothes, hard and warm. The dagger still at her throat, his free hand slowly began to slide her dress up inch by inch as he roughly bit her neck and ear.

Athen paused a moment, taking her scent in deeply. “Mmm... I love your smell when you’re afraid for your life...” he whispered, as his hands moved the last of her dress out of the way and his fingers began to probe her undergarments. He smiled when she gasped as he probed the entrance of her lower lips, the tips of his fingers gently brushing the tip of her clitoris. He could feel she was wet, turned on despite hr will to be otherwise.

With his hand against her lower lips, he pulled her hips hard against him, playing with her button with his finger as he breathed heavily into her ear, reveling for a few moments as her breathing got harder while he played.

She gasped hard as he slid a finger inside of her and tried to shift her hips away from his fingers, but he pressed the dagger tighter against her throat; “Not smart...” He drew his dagger gently, only about an inch, but enough to cause a slight cut, just barely enough to bleed. “I don’t have to kill you with a single stroke of my blade; defy me again and you will be punished.” She forced herself to relax her hips, allowing his fingers to slide inside. He turned her head slightly towards him, guiding her with the flat of his dagger. Still playing inside of her, he licked the small line of blood where his dagger had cut her.

Pulling her away from the wall, he pushed her to her knees and circled around in front of her. Laying his dagger against her cheek, he pulled his hard member free from his leggings; it hit her against her lips. She looked up at him with cold, hate-filled eyes, but said nothing. Closing her eyes, she took him into her mouth slowly. He moaned quietly, his eyes watching her as she slowly moved his shaft in and out of her mouth. It was easy to see she was resisting the urge to bite down hard on him, but the cold steel of his dagger held against her was hard to ignore.

Time seemed to pass slowly as she worked him, her tongue teasing his head as she slid her lips up and down his shaft. She seemed to be starting to enjoy the encounter. He could feel the seed inside him starting to grow impatient for release, but he held back. He never took his eyes off her… or the dagger.

Soon he pulled his member away from her face, and pushed her onto her back on the ground. She fell hard, her hands still held behind her back by his belt. Kneeling beside her, Athen took the pommel of his dagger and pressed the cold steel of it against her southern entrance. She gasped again, a slight moan escaping her lips. He smiled wickedly. “Ahh… does that please you, Mi’lady?” He slid the handle of his dagger inside of her, hard, the guard pressing into her clitoris. She moaned loudly this time, her legs jerking slightly at the intense sensation. He slid the handle out, but not all the way, turning the pommel inside her slightly to tease her.

Her breathing was already getting faster. “Go to hell you bastard....…” She gasped between breaths.

He stopped, pulling the dagger handle roughly from within her, pressing the point to her chest. “That’s a very bold thing to say, Mi’lady…” he said through slightly clenched teeth. A drop of blood began forming where the tip of the dagger was beginning to cut through her skin as he pressed. He moved himself around, kneeling between her legs, his hard member pressing against her wet lower lips. “I suggest you keep your conversation less… colorful.” He slid himself inside of her, slamming into her hard.

She moaned loudly, almost yelling. He gripped onto her hips, still holding the dagger in one hand, as he slammed hard inside of her again. She struggled against his belt as he fucked her, but her arms were caught under her weight and the belt held fast...

The End

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