Love nearly always triumphs.Mature

Light broke through the curtains of Edward’s room in the hotel. The sun shone on Edward and Charlotte, entwined together on the bed. Edward’s fingers trailed down Charlotte’s arm, and he kissed her neck gently. She looked at him and smiled, trailing her fingers along his lips. She twisted under the covers to face him. They lay wrapped in each other’s arms while the sun crept along their pale hard skin. Edward shifted and looked at Charlotte with his big dark eyes.

“I thought you were going to be killed.”

“Well, anything for you.”

He laughed and rolled so that she was on top of him.

“And yet here you are.”



She sighed. “Edward, do we have to talk about that now?”

“Well we don’t have to but…”

The door swung open. They both looked up.

“Edward, come on…oh!” Robert stood in the doorway, his hands on his hips. “Now I see why you’ve been in your room for so long.”

Charlotte slipped on to the other half of the bed, pulling the covers around her and hiding her face on Edward’s shoulder.

“Can I join you for a drink when you’ve finished Edward?” He obviously thought Charlotte was a human. Before Edward could explain Lucia put her head round the doorframe.

“Well you got over your mood quickly Edward.”

“I just asked him whether we could join him for a drink Lucia” said Robert.

“Yes, I’m thirsty.” Lucia looked over at the body next to Edward, and then did a double take. “She’s a vampire!”Charlotte lifted her head up to look at the two in the doorway, and Lucia let out a gasp. “Charlotte!”

Robert looked down at her and then back at the bed. “So this is the famous Charlotte. I’m pleased to meet you.”

Edward sat up, covering Charlotte from view with his torso. “Robert, Lucia, I think it would be very kind of you if you would leave. We would like some privacy.”

Lucia had started laughing, more out of shock than anything. Robert dragged her out, grinning. The door closed and there was an out burst of laughter from behind it. Charlotte trailed her fingers down the cold skin of Edward’s chest.

He turned to her again and his hand slipped down her body under the sheets. She giggled and they kissed again.


When the sun set Edward emerged from his room. Lucia and Robert were stood beside the fire. Or more correctly Lucia was stood by the fire. Robert was kneeling in front of her holding her hand. Edward leant silently on the wall. Charlotte emerged behind him in a dress which seemed to have been made for her. She wrapped her arms around Edward’s waist and watched the others with him. Lucia was nodding, and Robert stood suddenly, snatching her in his bear like arms and spinning her around. He settled her down and kissed her. Edward let them have this moment for only a few seconds before stepping forward and clapping. Charlotte joined in. The couple looked round.

“Well congratulations to the both of you. I must say Robert, you took your time.” Robert blushed.

“Well you can’t say anything Edward,” said Lucia “You have Charlotte.”

Edward smiled, but Charlotte’s face darkened and she released Edward’s waist. She paced over to the window with them all staring at her.

“I don’t think he does.” She turned to face Edward. “But I want you to know that I love you.” She raised her hand, as if to beckon him, but as she did, her face paled, and she staggered, then fell to the floor. Blood pooled out of her stomach, coming from a wound made by a thick stake protruding from her back. Edward stood motionless for a fraction of a second, frozen in shock then rushed to her side. She looked up at him weakly, smiling, then fainted. Edward looked up, out of the window. A small figure sped off in the distance, faster than any human. A vampire. Edward rose, his eyes recognising the figure instantly, and he realized he was still holding Charlotte. Robert and Lucia were at his side in a flash, and sooner they were past him, chasing after the figure. Edward let them go. Charlotte needed him, and he would only make things worse by leaving her. He looked in to the distance after the retreating figures.

 All the same, they’d better catch him.

The End

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