Werewolves are real.Mature

After a shower Charlotte dried herself, slipped in to another gown and went in to the fire lit room. Edward was sat looking at the fire with a glass of blood in his hand. She sat on the chair opposite him.

“Who is Emily?”

He sighed and looked at her for a while before answering.

“She was a vampire I once fell in love with. She travelled with a large group of vampires, a coven you would call it. She was very pretty, and she said she loved me. Around that time I was doing business with Tristan, and he met her. They got along well, and I admit I thought I could use her to seal my deal with him. I told her to pretend to love him, and it worked. Then one night I walked in on them. I already had the deal signed so I asked her what she was doing. She said she loved him and they were going to go away together. He was grinning at me, pleased that my plan had backfired. I attacked him but she got in the way. Emily now only has one arm and that scar on Tristan’s face is my doing. They are still together and she has become a cruel vampire, killing thousands of people for just one human, and many other things. I would not have you meet her. She is not as civilised as you or I. She has too much of the animal in her. So that is what Tristan was throwing in my face, that I usually put women in danger.”

“Really? Well, remind me not to trust you then.” She laughed quietly to herself.

Suddenly they both froze, looking towards the door. In a split second they both leaped to either side of the entrance to the room. A sharp unpleasant smell filled their noses and they hissed. A growl could be heard in the corridor and the shouts of the guard that had replaced those that Charlotte had killed on first meeting Edward. There was a yell and a ripping sound, and then a shriek filled the room. Then there was silence. After a few seconds Charlotte shifted and reached towards the doorknob.

The door was smashed to splinters as a huge furry creature smashed through the door. Charlotte snarled as a splinter as big as her fingers sank in to her shoulder. She yanked it out and spun to face the creature as Edward leapt at it. Its teeth were yellow and it had a shaggy brown coat. Its eyes were a glowing green and it snarled viciously as it fought to get a grip on Edward’s throat. Charlotte leapt at the wolf-like creature, her teeth sinking in to its arm. It reached with its claws to rip at her but Edward attacked its side, distracting it again. The fight moved around the room, tearing up the furniture and smashing things as it grew more desperate. Finally Edward managed to tear the creature’s throat open and it sank to the ground, limp and covered in blood. Edward himself had long scratches on his arms and torso but wasn’t hurt in any other way. Charlotte had tears in her dress and the skirt had been reduced to tatters. She had a long scratch from her thigh to half way down her leg. She was panting, and holding her arm. Edward put his arm around her, but she pulled away, hissing. He stepped forward, concerned, and saw teeth marks on her wrist. He swore under his breath, and then grabbed a piece of the shirt he had been wearing. Kneeling down he dipped it in to the blood of the creature, soaking the cloth in the liquid. Then he stepped up to Charlotte again. She was now writhing with her teeth clenched, and still she fought against him being too close. Swiftly, he seized her wrist and pressed the fabric down on to the bite. She yelped and tried to release herself as if it was burning her. She managed to scratch his chest, but he held her still. Soon her writhing stopped, and she went limp in his arms. He held her close, still pressing on to her wrist. She looked at him, panting once again and her eyes were fading from a green to black, and her tortured expression changed to one of shock. Only then did he release her wrist and clutch her to him, murmuring to her soothingly. Soon he helped her up and walked her over to the chair nearest to the fire. She sat, and he sat on the foot stool in front of her, holding her hands in his. She looked at him, and her face was haunted.

“What happened?” She spoke hoarsely, and her lip trembled.

“That was a werewolf. Their bite is poisonous to vampires. It can only be cured by an immediate soaking of the wound in the blood of the animal.”

“So you saved my life. I seem to need a lot of saving around you.”

He chuckled and kissed her hands one after the other.

“You haven’t been much affected have you?”

“I suppose not.” She smiled, but pulled her hands out of his grasp. He grinned at this reaction, and then looked down briefly before speaking again.

“You can’t keep a dress neat can you?”

“No, I never have been able to.” Then confusion passed over her face. “Why was the werewolf here then?”

“I think Tristan must have sent it. Most trackers have a werewolf under their power, usually using a spell, so that they have something that can harm other vampires and not them.”

“Well it almost worked. I am so glad you are here. Oh I’m sorry, look at that scratch. Come, we’ll fetch a bandage.”

“No, I can repair it.” He licked his wound and the skin knitted up where he had touched. She stared at his skin, then stood, going out of the room and leaving him staring after her.

The End

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