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   The room was warm and dim. Firelight flickered off the walls, light picking out the red velvet armchairs and the warm, red, Russian, patterned rug that covered the floor by the stone hearth. A wall hanging was draped around the entire room to cover the bare stone walls. Soft, romantic, Italian music played from an old record player in the corner.

   A table stood next to the only chair without velvet in the room. The chair’s arms and legs were carved in gold and the seat was red, but hard, a leathery fabric, made to stay in its original shape. On the seat sat a man, if you could call him a man. He boasted hair of glowing gold, and features so pale and delicate that any woman would die to have them. Many probably did. But underneath his delicateness was a predator, given away by the strong, piercing, coal-black eyes and the calculating looks.  He didn’t try to hide his power either. His white shirt; open to the stomach, showed a powerful, animal-like chest. On his knees lay a woman, her head slumped to one side, staring forever more. She wore a tight evening gown, and would no doubt have looked very beautiful, if it hadn’t been for the blood that covered her face and chest. Puncture wounds peppered her chest, but they bled no more, as the last of her blood had been drained out of her. He stirred from his half-light position to take a sip from the liquid in the wine glass he held, and then settled down to wait once more. With a casual twist of his wrist he threw the woman down to the floor at his feet. The candles flickered. Two women entered the room silently, like ghosts. He stayed still as a statue in his throne like chair, and their eyes moved from him to the corpse.

   “You couldn’t wait, I see,” reprimanded the smaller of the two, who was wearing a shimmering gown of gold. She walked forward and took the glass from him, raised it to her lips, and tasted the dark liquid.

   “I can see why. Her blood was pure, a rarity these days.”

“Welcome home Lucia,” he replied softly as he took the wine glass and finished it off.

Wiping his mouth he looked at the other woman. She remained stiff at the other side of the room. He raised himself and stepped towards the mystery woman. Suddenly she was no longer there. He turned and found her on the seat that he had so recently occupied. An inhumanly fast chase pursued, but always with the same result. He tried until she was sat upon the chair again and then turned to the other woman.

   “Lucia darling, where did you get this fascinating creature?”

   “In Jaipur Falcon, we were at the same meal. I can show you how we met.” Lucia inclined her head towards him and he took it in both hands. He closed his eyes and let Lucia project her memories to him.

   Falcon was in a room filled with the scent of India. Spices filled the air and the heat stirred up the smells so that the air was drunk with them. He watched as Lucia curtsied to the maharajah and made her way to a seat with a young man. He studied her closely and saw her head snap round suddenly, staring at the other side of the room. Falcon turned and looked. Then he saw the woman. She was sat at the side of one of the princes of Jaipur, a playfully bored look playing across her face. He was speaking to her but she was paying little attention, just enough to satisfy him. Instead she was watching Lucia intently out of the corner of her eye and seemed interested in her. Then her head snapped towards where Falcon himself was stood. He knew she couldn’t possibly see him but she seemed to be looking at him in particular. Impossible! The picture suddenly shifted until the dancing had begun. The woman was dancing in and out of the many people, heading towards where he was. She twirled once in front of him, looked at him once with a piercing stare, and then danced away towards Lucia. The picture shifted again and he was stood by the entrance to a small passage way. Slipping down it he saw Lucia and the girl talking. Then picture-by-picture he saw the massacre that followed. He felt a glowing satisfaction at the turmoil it created. He watched Lucia move gracefully, killing anybody that got in her way. Then he watched the strange girl. She hardly seemed to touch anything as she slaughtered from left to right. The dark red of her gown mingled with the blood she spilt. When she had finished off her last victim she turned towards him and curtsied, once again looking at him alone. Then she bowed her head to drink and he opened his eyes.

 Edward released Lucia’s head and stepped back. He turned to face the woman. He noticed she was wearing the red dress he had seen in Lucia’s memories, and then bowed.

“My dear, I hope you will permit me to introduce myself. I am Count Edward D’Angelo, a fitting name do you not think? It means I am an angel, which is the impression I give of myself to the world.” He chuckled. She was silent.

“What is your name my dear?” She was still silent, just looking up at him.

“Lucia,” he said turning to her “Is she mute?”

“No she…wait, turn around and I think you will be surprised,” she was grinning over his shoulder as if she knew exactly what was going on. He turned. She was stood two inches behind him and at her feet were two men. He recognised them as the guards that his image required him to have outside the door. They were both dead. She curtsied. Then she laughed. It was a rich golden laugh, tempting and teasing, very much like Lucia’s, but darker, with more secrets in it.

“Well that was interesting I must say. I thought you would have noticed me stood behind you, let alone the getting out of the door. Charlotte Myron at your service Count D’Angelo and I completely agree. It is a fitting name for your face, but what about your actions when the world isn’t watching?”

 Her voice was as rich as her laugh, but it was deadly too, as if you could have too much of a good thing.

He laughed, hesitatingly, and then moved towards her. She stood still as his eyes wandered over her, watching for any signs that she would attack him. He walked round her, trailing his fingers across her shoulders, around her arm and up to her chin, turning her head from side to side, assessing how much power he had over her. Then he stepped closer. She still didn’t react. He walked round her once again, this time stopping behind her. He put his arm around her waist then pulled her closer to him, waiting for her to react. She did nothing. He caught the wrist of her right arm and put it over the back of his head to rest at his neck. She looked at him calmly, as if this was as normal as talking. He looked at her for a long time, then released her and sat down on the golden chair. He looked up at her.

“I could go further with the test but I doubt you would react even then. I am pleased to make your acquaintance Miss Myron, for you are very interesting indeed. Lucia and you make quite a pair, do you not?”

“I believe we do Count, for she possesses powers too and they are greater than mine. I am sure you already know of them.”
”Yes, her ability to control peoples minds, her fantastic skills at deception, being able to project images in to other peoples head, as you just saw, and last but not least, her ability to say what she wants when she wants, for her skills at knowing just how to hurt people with what she says are impeccable I assure you. She is a queen among vampires and if she married her husband would be very lucky.”

“Thank you Edward, what a kind speech,” said Lucia with a smile “But now our visitor will think that I am not nice to my fellow vampires and I think that is very untrue.”

“Well maybe not all vampires Lucia, but to me you are very unkind.”

“How is that?”

“You constantly try to get me married. I enjoy seducing the ladies then drinking their blood, or if they are vampire I am charming and no more. It is not my fault that they fall in love with me.”

“Well I know you enjoy seducing them so I want Charlotte here to tell you a story about when we were in America. It’s very interesting and I am sure you will want to hear of her particular method.”

“Will I indeed,” he turned his head towards Charlotte and smiled “What is this story then?”

“Oh, it isn’t that fascinating.” Charlotte looked at Lucia with narrowed eyes.

“But it is Charlotte, you must tell him, or I will.”

“Then you must, for I have no intention in doing so.” She glared once more at Lucia, and then settled down in the only other chair by the fire to listen. Lucia sighed and brought the chair closest to her near the fire, lifting it like it was a feather. She settled in to it and then began. She told of meeting two boys outside their school, of talking to them and agreeing to go out at Halloween to a crypt in the deepest part of the nearby forest. The crypt was said to be haunted and they had pretended to be interested but scared. When they had gotten there, they had pretended to be scared and wanting to go back. Then, Lucia said, Charlotte had seduced one of the boys out to the car, very much in the style of Edward. They had fed and stayed in the area for a while, until the investigations had become too complex and they had to leave before the special operations team had found them. Then they had travelled back to Paris to meet Edward.

“What surprised me the most was that she worked exactly like you Edward, and she has never met you. I think you must be the only two vampires in the world who like to seduce humans before killing them.”

“Well I find it is a talent, would you agree Miss Myron?”

“Absolutely, and Edward, my name is Charlotte.”

“I would be honoured to watch you in action Charlotte. Would you care to join us at the party tonight? I always bring back a human or two to have here.”

“Would it not get uncomfortable if the two of us brought back partners?”

“Not at all. In fact it would be interesting to see each other at work in a surreptitious way, rather than that delicious massacre I saw you work at in Lucia’s memories.”

“You flatter me. Very well I will come. I am rather afraid I do not know what I will wear though. I do not have much but this dress to wear, and it does not befit a party of Parisian quality.”

“Well you shall have one of mine,” said Lucia delighted to be able to help.

“I think your dresses shall be a bit too short for me Lucia.” Edward laughed.

“Ah you are right.” She glared at Edward and he put on a sincere expression.

“Well how about I take both you ladies around the town to buy new clothes?”

“Oh Edward you are brilliant!” Lucia cried and dragged him up to get started straight away. Charlotte looked on with a small smile on her face as Lucia dragged Edward, who was looking slightly unhappy that he had offered to help, to the door. Charlotte followed them as they walked down the corridor to the lift door and got inside.

The next few hours were spent shopping and when they arrived back Edward looked exhausted, for a vampire. They only had a little while until the party so they got ready, Lucia and Charlotte slipping on new dresses while Edward brought out a new jacket. Soon they were ready to go.

The End

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