The taste of bloodMature

Blood is life.


Darkness unfolded. The trees stirred with the wisp of wind that blew through them and the moon shone palely above the silvering leaves of the tallest of the birches. A moonbeam covered world developed, tainted only by the blood on the ground and the shrieking cries of the fallen rabbit’s mate. The cries pierced the shimmering world echoing eerily around the forest. The dead mate lay at the base of a birch tree, its blood mingling with the roots and the leaves that covered the ground on which it laid. The hours past, with the moon shining down protectively on the grieving mate, until it ceased to cry, and just sat. Suddenly a roar could be heard, then two side by side lights seen, getting closer and closer, louder and louder, freezing the petrified rabbit where it sat. A truck roared into sight, stereo playing noisily, making the rabbit bolt. It dived into its den and curled up, shivering. The truck crashed through the forest leaving the rabbit to once more return to her dead mate.


Some time later, the truck stopped in a similar silvery clearing, jerking to a stop with a screech. The loud rock music stopped. Silence followed then, after a few minutes, four people got out of the truck and slammed the doors shut. Two of the people were girls, both about seventeen. The others were boys and they were both slightly older than the two girls, around nineteen. The two boys turned to the girls.

“Come on girls, there’s nothing to be scared of…well, that’s what they want you to think,” one of them said. He made a ghostly noise as he pulled one of the girls towards a small crypt at the side of the clearing. She struggled as the other boy pulled her partner.

“No, Danny, I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to go see it!”

Danny laughed and carried on pulling her.

“Come on Charlie, don’t be such a baby, it’s only a crypt! Hey Josh, hurry up man, the ghosts are waiting for their sacrifice!”

“Dude, chill, I’m coming!”

They reached the crypt and Danny gave Charlie to Josh while he picked a rock up from the ground and attacked the lock with it.

Charlie struggled against Josh and he shook her.

“Now don’t you start getting scared now, it’s only a bit of fun!” He smirked and then the other girl begged

“Come on Josh; let her go, please!” 

“Now why would I do that Lucy?”

“Oh stop your fussing,” moaned Danny as Lucy tried to think of an answer, “Look I’ve got it open!”

Josh pushed the girls in to the crypt and followed them in. Danny closed the gate once they were all inside.

“Ok, we’ve seen it, can we go now?” begged the girls.

“But girls, the fun’s not even started yet!”

 “I think I’ve had enough fun for tonight,” said Charlie.

“Oh come on babe, are you sure?” She nodded. Then she said

“But I can think of something else that’s fun we can do. We’d have to go back to the car for a bit though, just us two.”

“Right,” Danny said hurriedly “let’s go. You two stay here and we’ll call you when we’re…erm…done.”

They both went out of the crypt and across to the car, leaving Lucy and Josh alone.


Two hours later a truck stopped for gas. Two passengers got out and went in to the shop. They talked to the cash register assistant, a boy of seventeen, paid him, and walked out.


The next day the police found a truck upside down in a ditch. The road was closed off quickly and they managed to extract two bodies. A police officer told the news that the truck must have been going at a very high speed and the driver must have lost control of the wheel. The two boys were Josh Masterton and Danny Presttille. Their parents were distraught and were barely able to answer the questions that the police put to them. All they knew was that they had been going to the pictures with two girls and would be back around eleven. They had found that they had not come in and notified the police immediately. After investigation they could not trace the girls and had to admit that it might not be an accident. The boys had lost a lot of blood but the amount missing from their bodies didn’t fit with the amount around their bodies. It was a mystery to the police.

The parents were never told exactly how their boys died.

For the next few weeks, the area in which the two boys had lived began to have high death rates. The coroners were working nearly every second of the day to find out about the victims and the possible killers. There was one thing that puzzled them all about the bodies. They all had similar marks on them on different parts of the body. Puncture holes were found on the bodies. It differed how many there were but they were always there. Eventually the secret operations government had to admit that they were flummoxed. They didn’t know what or who was causing the deaths but they were pretty sure that it wasn’t normal. This was a time for drastic measures. They called in the secret ops unnatural research and action team to assess the situation. The special research came back five days after the start of the investigation. The result of their research was written down in seven words. Unnatural. Vampire activity suspected. Proceed with caution. They sent back a message that they were to terminate the creatures immediately. One word came back. Understood.

The End

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