The search

Everyday, I go for a ride. I ride past the village and into the forest. But that's where I stop. I don't know why, but something always freezes me about halfway through. But today, I kept going. I pushed myself through. And I found her. I've found my little sister.

There's this one area in the woods, a hole covered by vines. Without meaning to, I rid right through it. I find a massive tower, over 50 feet tall. But it's really run down, like nobody has taken care of it for years.

Curious, I tie my horse Maximus II up and climb down. Trying to figure out how to get up the tower, I walk all the way around. Towards the back, I see an area poorly covered up with rocks. I dig through easily and climb the stairs. At the top is a trap door. I open it and step foot into a dark room.

In the corner, I hear crying.

The End

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