The Tangled Life of Flynnigan Fitzherbert, prince of a kingdom far, far away

This is basically a sequal to Tangled, told from their son's point of veiw.

I stride down the hall, feeling very regal in my new robe. Today is my third birthday. I walk into my sister's room, to show off my robe. She is only one year younger than me, but she loves me. I look around her room. "Blondie!" I call cheerfully, our nickname for her. I don't hear a reply. I laugh, figuring she's hiding in her closet. I go to look, but she's not there. I spend most of the day looking for her. By the end of my celebration, I'm frantic. Where is my little sister? I hear our Nanny tell Momma and Poppa that she's missing. No, I think, and run out the door. I run straight to the Orphanage. I look all over, and finally see a streak of blonde hair. "Blondie!" I scream, running up to her. She looks the right age, and as I turn her around, has the same face. It has to be her! "Oh, Elizabeth! Everyone misses you at the castle!" I give a big hug and pull her after me, towards the castle....

The End

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