The taming of the dragons

This is a short story giving some background detail of the Draconis culture who will be included in my NaNoWriMo story :) enjoy and speculate!

Elgrad the wise, the most trusted leader in the service of the emperor, gazed one day on the beasts who reigned fire upon the earth and which gave the dreaded Tanoi their power. And as he watched, a plan began to form within his mind, a plan which would require great bravery and skill to pull off. He would strip the Tanoi of their most important defensive element and strip them to their useless, weak human form.

Gathering his most trusted and experienced warlords around him, 17 men in all, he strode into the world, past the Tanoian defences and towards the deepest blackest part of the land with the aim to find the nesting place of the great beasts. The journey was fraught with danger, and many of his brave souls perished against elements, beasts and demons alike. It was near a month when Elgrad and his party reached the mountains in which the dragons were fabled to breed. His group had been worn down verily by the constant attacks on the quest and only himself, a young mage named Zalfor and six maidens remained as they mounted the summit of the tallest peak.

It was while resting here, and near the point of giving up all hope, that the birthplace of the dragons was discovered – a great cave littered with the ebony bones of many animals. Wringing his head in his hands, Elgrad despaired, and the eldest and wisest of the women suggested a cure for his depression. With his heart restored to glory, the wise Elgrad sent Zalfor to capture an egg. For 3 days and 3 nights the two mages did toil with their prize, Zalfor succumbing to weariness and collapsing, his blood spilling as the beast tore through his defences. But the young mage’s undoing was also the weakness that allowed Elgrad to gain control of the dragonling, bonding it to him and binding their wills so tight that they became one. And with the final word of power, he too collapsed.

It was days later that he awoke, having been nursed by the womenfolk, to find himself changed beyond his imagination. The strength flowing through his veins was phenomenal and he was smote with a powerful rage from the sight of his dead young companion, such that he descended upon the remaining dragons with dreaded force. And the dragons did attempt to flee but all fell beneath the combination of mage and dragon. The only survivors that day were the un-hatched eggs, upon which Elgrad built his new race starting with the women who had served him so, and in the process creating a platform of infallible might, from which the Tanoi, stripped of their source of power, were defeated.

The End

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