And The Plan Takes Root

Later that night, the moon had plucked up the courage to sail into a clear bay in the sky, its soft light drizzling through the window, illuminating Sandra's head as she laid in bed awake alone. Her husband was out, filling his veins and soul with beer and wine, and she knew when he would return, because his breath would smell like a tavern.

She took the covers off and proceeded to get dressed, throwing on the closest things she could find. She headed for the wardrobe, but froze as if made of ice and hesitated. What if he chases after me, she pondered. He'll probably do far worse then. She stood her for a while, in the sight of the moon. She looked towards her children's room adn decided that she had to go.

She scooped up as many of her possessions as she could, and walked slowly into her children's room. She woke them up gently and turned on a lamp. "We're going to go on an adventure', she said as her children rubbed their eyes gently, 'But we must go now, or else it will be too late for us to begin our journey tonight".


The End

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