You decide to plant the seeds in the ground...

The tall man smiles, hacks, and spits on the place where the seeds are planted. His saliva bubbles, and steams, and sinks into the ground.

Slowly the ground bulges and moans. You and James are thrown back as shoots of green fight to the sky. The form grows into giant stalks of corn, breaking through the canopy of leaves above.

With a laugh of glee, the tall man begins to climb the stalks. "I knew i, I knew it!" he shouts.

James dusts himself off and pulls you up off the damp soil.

"You boys did good by me!" The man huffs while he climbs.

"Where are you going?!" James calls up to him.

There is no reply. The man is out of sight, and only the rustle of his climb can be heard.

The End

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