You quietly follow the two weary of the fact that James could very well be one of the scoundrels he warned you about.

The three of you walk deeper into the woods. After a few minutes, you glance behind you and see nothing but the shadows of trees in the darkness. it occurs to you that the further you walk into the woods, the less chance you'll be able to find your way back to the canoe.

James increases his pace and you find yourself becoming more and more breathless.

The man seems to know exactly where he's going, as he ducks under trees and curves through the forest.

Eventualy you come to a clearing in the woods and James stops walking. He looks at you and Johnny, expectantly.

"Er.. didn't you say your cabin was around here?" you ask. There's nothing but foilage surrounding you in the darkness.

"I did say that," said the man, agreeably.

"I don't see your cabin," you say, trying to remain calm.

"First, i want you to plant those seeds right here" says James.  He taps the ground with his foot.

"Right this moment?" you ask.

James nods and says nothing more.

You and Johnny look at each other.

The End

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