Good question, do you remember, and lead him to where you and John landed the canoe?

You, John, and the man begin walking back to the canoe in the darkness.   The man carries a torch along with the shotgun.  Only a small amount of comfort comes over you and turning to John, you see that he has no comfort.  You can tell that he didn't want to return to the place where his fathers voice was channeled through the tall man. 

"Do you boys live around here?", asked to man without turning towards them.

"Yes sir," John replied, "on the other side of the pond."

"And you went out there at night?  You know that very smart."  Know he turned as he spoke with a queer grin that stretched the entire side of his face is the glow of the torch.  "Does anyone know you were out on this little trip tonight?"

At once both of you say yes with a hint of uneasiness in your voices. 

John points to the left and directs, "It was that way sir."

The man looks forward again and quickly you and John begin a silent conversation.  With your eyes you tell John this man is not quite right either. 

"William," you gasp for this man has spoken your name and you know that you never introduced yourself.  The name begins to turn and already you know, his hair had been so black like the tall man.  As his face turns you see him standing there before you again.

The End

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