Ask him why he made you reach into his pocket. It wasn't really necessary.

"Oh, yes. Of course you're correct. It wasn't necessary. Was it?" The man was very strange, but the two of you listened intently as he continued, "But friend, answer me this: would I have been so intriguing otherwise? Or would our pleasant transaction end only with a word of thanks and a smile?"

Surprised at this explanation, you respond only half heartedly, "Well. I ah. . . I suppose you're ri. . ."

"Of course I'm right," he interjects. "The name's James. Don't you know it's dangerous in these woods at night? Plenty of scoundrels ready to strike for less than your wallet. I'll tell you what: I like you two. Why don't you come down to my home? It's just down this trail." He turns and points to a narrow path leading into the dark forest. "You're more than welcome to enjoy a steaming cup of tea. I grow my own, you see."

You turn and shoot Johnny an unsure expression, but he seems excited at the prospect. Johnny has already begin following the stranger into the woods.

The End

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