Scared for your life, you turn and run into the forest. How far you go, you don't know, but you just keep going, on and on, for what feels like hours.

In the inky blackness, you see a light. A house? Probably. But what if it belonged to the strange man, who gave John that seed....wait...John. How could you just leave him?

Too late now, who knows what's happened to him? You keep on towards the light, in the hope it is someone else's. Sure enough, it is; there's a couple sitting inside, by the fire. You knock on the door. The man answers it, and as soon as the door opens, you rush inside, pushing past him "Hey!," he shouts "What do you think you're doing?"

You run into the lounge, where the woman, presumably his wife, is sitting, and is shocked to see you suddenly appear in front of her. The man follows you in, and says "Just what do you think you're doing?"

You say "Please, you gotta help me, me and my friend, we were canoeing, when this...strange man appeared out of the trees, and offered us some seeds. When we refused, this weird thing happened, and now, now I don't know what's happened, please, come with me, you have to help."

The couple look at you, and then he says "Alright. I'll help you. Now, let me get my shotgun, and I'll be right with you. Do you remember which way it was?"

The End

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