Try to wrest the seed from the Tall Man.

You are trembling as you watch this man who with each moment appears to be changing into a black silhouette of the tall man because of the bright sun behind him closing in on Johnny.  You could never fight him off yourself but you know you must do something, and that something must come quick.

It is then that your eye catches a reflection from the side of the outlined man. 

"Open up boy, it's time."  The fathers voice intoxicating to Johnny, "The sadness will end.

Your hand shoots out for the reflection only hoping to grasp something.  It's warm from the sun and rough from age as your hand wraps around what you had hoped it would be, a dagger. 

One step and you now stand between the tall man and your friend.

"Stop!" and the man freezes inches from his own blade.  Sweat runs down your brow as your eyes stare into the dark sockets of his.  "Throw it aside sir.  I've never been in this situation before, but I'm certainly not afraid to plant this seed inside your throat." 

Johnny's breathing is the only sound heard now.  I'm glad I could have repaid my friend for the time a year and a quarter ago when I saved me from harm. 

The tall man stares for a moment trying to call your bluff.  What he sees though is a courage he hasn't seen in the other boys he's feed the Devil Seeds to.  He realizes that this battle has been lost and swears to himself that this is not over with and tosses the seed away. 

Johnny and you back away with the tall man watching for any mistake to take his next move.  At a few yards Johnny gets up and begins running into the surrounding forest. 

"Return here and I will watch you blood spill sir."  You follow suit and join Johnny off into the safety of the trees.

The End

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