The Tall Man's Moods

You're canoeing by moonlight with your buddy Johnny. The water is still, the moon is almost full, and the stars are glimmering brightly.

"This was such a great idea!" you say dreamily.

"Yeah, awesome, eh? You wanna pass me another beer?" comes Johnny's reply out of the darkness at the back of the canoe.

You reach down into the cooler to grab him a lager as he steers the canoe onto the sandy beach surrounding the lake. You feel the grit under the boat, hop out, and as Johnny hauls the boat up onto the shore you open a bottle for him and another for yourself. This part of the lakeshore is new to you, and you look around, taking in the dense trees and bushes, and inhaling wet leaves and dirt. You're about to go sit down on a log with your friend when suddenly a man emerges from the woods.

He is tall, with long, glistening black hair and a remarkably graceful gait.

"Hello!" you call out, echoed a split second later by Johnny.

"A good evening to you both!" cries out a jovial voice, seeming completely at odds with the man standing in front of you. "Might I offer you some seeds?"

The End

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