There is a group of black cats that have been staying in my hood since I was like 6. When I was like 10 I began to feed thrm just cause. I felt a sort of loyalty to them and in Baranton that is kind of all we have next to pride. We're what you would call the ghetto. I was sort of a awkward kid so I didnt recognize this place as waste land its been left to be since the closing of the Davison plants which, belive it or not, made Baranton a city of tommorow but that was before my time. Like clockwork they would appear at my window on the 3rd floor of my building in the fire escape. The cats would knock on the window, I swear some would talk and sometimes they were selfish. The leader or the eldest, I assumed he was the leader, was named Castor, then there was a dufus one named Drexel, they were twins which is wierd because they were all black but had different indications that kept them an identity but to the blind one may assume this was all one cat working in mysterious ways but I knew better. another named Wills nevered seemed to like me even when I pour food into his bowl, son of a bitch, but he was part of the family so where theres a Wills there is a way. The last two are Grubel and Cassandra and it aint too much about them except theres something about Cass's eyes that keeps my attention, wierd right. I didnt name them either , they came that way. For years I was getting bullied this group of brothers til one day I found out one had boobs and use to wear alot of baseball caps. Eventually we fell in love and thats when she told me the cats names because they were brothers. She eventually told me she was Cassandra but when I met her she was going by Lena. Their parents have been missing since the 90s. They thunk the workes at Davison, they think may be still there. I think theres more to this so at night me and the cats investigate the grounds of Davison. Now Ive been in here like 3 hours 4 months into and part of this investigation has tuened into a search party. Where's Wills?

The End

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