Captive and Untold Truths

I continued running, tears streaming down my cheeks. Willow was sure to know who I was now. Jaen was going to.... That's when I felt the pain. Crying out I fell to the forest floor. The pain intesified and that's when I felt the scream push its self out of my lips.

Then Jaen transported me back to the palace dungeons. His voice was harsh.

"You dare defy me?" he yelled, smacking me across the face. His disguise spell stopped working.

"I didn't mean it! I had to save them!" I cried. He slapped me again then took a deep breath.

"This is why I should have taken things into my own hands." He grabbed my silver hair. "Alright it's time to have a family reunion." He transported us back to the forest where a barn owl flew to the ground transforming back into a girl before she hit the ground.

"Anali!" Willow exclaimed as she saw Jaen's hand around my neck.



We heard a scream and Willow stopped the horse. She changed into a barn owl and listened intensely.

"Anali!" she exclaimed suddenly, lifting off of the horse's back. Nudging the horse forward I began to lead him in the direction Willow had flown in. It took a little manuvering but I managed to find her but not in the situation I had thought of.

There, standing up ahead was someone who looked very familer. It was Jaen my father's wizard and he was holding a girl by the neck. He hadn't noticed me yet so I stayed where I was.

"Anali!" Willow exclaimed. Jaen laughed the threw Anali to the ground in front of him. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a white orb and squeezed it. Anali began to scream. "What are you doing?" Willow make a step forward.

"Willow stop. Don't touch her." I said running over to her. Jaen smiled and stopped squeezing the orb, leaving Anali breathing hard and crying on the ground.

"Hello, Your Highness. Your father has been wonder where you've been." he sneered looking at me straight in the eye. Willow stared at me as I turned to her. Her eyes showing confusion and hurt. "Well I'm guessing by the way she's looking at you you have yet to tell her who you are."

"Colin what is he talking about?" she asked

"Colin is the son of your enemy." Jaen said

"Is this true?" she tried to meet my eye but I looked away.


The End

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