Anali (Willow)

I sat up and rubbed my wrists.

"She didn't need to do that. Well, maybe for you, but not me." I stood and picked up my pack.

"Why didn't she need to save you?" Colin stood up as well.

"I'm a nature-nymph, I'm flame resistant. As a matter of fact, look at this." I held up my hand and snapped and instantly flames leaped from my fingertips and rested on my hand. "Anali could take the flames from my hands without burning herself." I closed my fingers around the flickering flames and they extinguished.

"Wow. What else could she do?" Colin raised an eyebrow.

"Control water. That's it." I pulled out a brush and began to brush my hair.

"That's really cool."

"Hm. Yeah. We should probably start heading out..." After putting the brush back into my pack, I put two fingers to my lips and whistled. We waited for a minutes before a kiger mustang stallion stepped out into the clearing. I walked over and the stallion sniffed me. Colin gaped at the horse. I looked over to him. "He's beautiful, I know. He's going to give us a ride."

"Cool." Colin walked over as I mounted then mounted behind me. I nickered to the stallion in horse and he started off into the woods.

The End

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