Colin: Ambush

Willow is a hard one to convince but I finally got her to come down from the tree and continue our search. While she was over by our camp packing I spotted Alyss over by a small river. I think she was crying. I began to walk closer when Willow called over to me. "Hey Colin! You coming or what?" I turned back around and together Willow and I set off to continue the search for her sister.

It was almost evening when it happened. We were just taking a break when suddenly someone hit both Willow and me over the head knocking us both out. I woke up to someone saing my name. When my vision cleared I saw Willow standing above me trying to shake me awake. It was hard for her since her hands were bound together.

"Where are we?" I asked sitting up

"I don't know." Willow answered "But we've got to get out of here."

"Couldn't you just escape by turning into some small animal or something?"

"I've tried but they always get to me before I can do anything." Willow said annoyed

"What do they want with us?"

"They're going to kill us for tresspassing on their land!" Willow said urgently. I gulped. This day was just going great. I was supposed to be in Orthian in three days! Man my father will kill eversingle one of these people if they kill me... Maybe it's time to tell Willow the truth... I opened my mouth to speak but just as I did our captors came over with two torches. Both of them lit and ready to burn the next thing it touched which I guesssed was us.

They began chanting and yelling in a strange language I had never heard. Suddenly the fire on their torch grew bigger and lit a bunch of trees on fire. Our captors ran away leaving us there. Someone came behind us and cut our bands off. The fire then stopped and surprisingly none of the trees were burnt.

We turned around just in time to see Alyss running back into the trees.

The End

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