Better Get Moving! (Willow)

"My name be Alyss." She said plainly.

"Ok." No, she didn't hear it in the woods. Mum made it up and only taught it to me and Anali and unless she's heard Anali singing it...... I let the thought trail off because I knew it would lead me nowhere.

"Willow, why did that song make you go running?" Colin whispered in my ear.

"I'll tell you later." I whispered back. Looking closely, I could see a sense of longing in Alyss's eyes. Like she desperately wanted to tell me something. "Got somewhere to go?" I lifted my head giving a sort of snooty look that suggested she better not lie.

"Just  a-goin' through th' woods to th' town uh Klunk." She replied quickly. Too quickly.

"Then I guess you better be on your way if you want to get to the town of Klunk before the end of the week." Colin answered.

"It'll be that long?" She tilted her head. Something in the way she acted seemed very faintly familier.

"Yes. Klunk is twenty miles west. Better get moving!" I turned away from her and swiftly jumped into a tree and transformed into a bat. Flapping my wings, I flew to the top of the tree and hung upside-down before wrapping myself up in my wings and started quietly crying. "So close! So close!" I whispered quietly.

"Hey! Wait up!" Colin started climbing the tree. Alyss merely stood there.

The End

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