I laid in bed thinking about the days events. I hoped we could find Willow's sister. I would do anything if my sibling had been kidnapped. I sighed. Willow was exciting to be around. If only... No Colin don't even be thinking about that! You know it's impossible! I sighed again then found sleep.


Great. Now I'm being forced to lure my own sister into a trap. I thought as Jaen teleported me not far from her camp. Jaen was standing not far from me when he started making me sing mine and Willow's favorite tune that our mother had taught to us before she died. I could see her lift her head up quickly as I started singing it. Then I saw another figure! Who was that with my sister?!

Willow started running in my direction and I wanted so bad to tell her to go away. She saw me and was about to get closer when...

"No Willow! Stop!" a voice yelled. It was my voice! "It's a trap!" the song had stopped and I was doing my best to keep Jaen out of my head. She had stopped and noticed my struggling and was about to get closer when I was transported to my cell. Jaen was there too.

"You're stronger than I thought." he said "No matter. I'll just have to lure her to me using you." I struggled to get him out of my mind. "But before I do that I need to do something else." he began to chant a different spell. When he finished casting it on me he spoke again. "Now I'll be able do whatever I want to you and you'll always come back."

"What?" I asked confused. That's when I realized the mark appearing on my arm. "What did you do to me?"

"I've just made you my servant. That mark will make it so that I can enchant you or whoever is around you where ever you are. I'm apart of you now. I will always been in your mind." I realized I could move again. "You see this?" he asked holding up a shining orb. I nodded "I could crush this and you would fall dead at my feet right now but if I just squeaze it enough," to demonstrate his hand tighted slightly around the orb. A sudden pain shot through my entire body and I fell to the ground.

"You'll never get away with it." I said and he loosed his grip. "As soon as she sees me she'll take me home." Jaen shook his head.

"No if you don't look like her sister and I threaten to kill her at any sudden change in plan." I stared at him horrified and knew that I was beat. That's when he snapped his fingers and I felt a sudden change in my appearence. When it was done I looked at myself. I looked just a little bit younger my silver hair had turned an aqua blue color and I was wearing a blue tunic with green pants and brown shoes. I was usually see in a blue dress that went to my knees but this felt a lot more comfrontable. I began to cry.

"Alright I'll do it. But you must promise that no harm will come to her!" I demanded

"I promise." Jaen said he then snapped his fingers and I was just a little bit away from where Willow sat crying. I began to whistle our song and she looked up. I walked over to her.

"Where did you hear that song?" Willow asked me. I was dying to tell her that it was me but I knew that wouldn't do me or her any good.

"Was walking through th' woods when I heard that little tune." I said in a different accent then what I usually spoke in.

"Oh..." she said sadly "Well... what's your name?"

"My name be Alyss." I felt so bad for lying to my own sister.

The End

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