No Distractions (Willow)

I stood and started walking in a random direction.

"Where are you going?" Colin ran to catch up.

"To my cottage. We'll pick up some supplies and then leave to the warring country." I checked how high the sun was. "We should be there by nightfall. Perfect!"

"Why? It's hard to see in the dark." Colin was walking side by side with me now.

"Not for an owl." To prove my point, I transformed into a barn owl then quickly changed back. "I can be anything I want that's part of nature."

"Ok. Let's just hope we don't get captured."

By the time the sunset started, we had gotten into and out of my cottage and we set up camp about five miles away. Colin had made dinner after I had gone hunting, which seemed a bit backward. Oh well, at least there was food. We sat in silence just watching the fire. He actually does look cute... A vine came up out of nowhere and slapped me across the face. Thanks. I thought.

"Why did that vine just slap you?" Colin looked at the ground anxiously.

"For a good reason." I looked over at him. "They won't hurt you, not while I'm here." I smiled at him.

"Alright." He smiled back. Oh man, I think I'm falling for him or something. His smile stole my heart.

"Well, let's go to bed." We both set up beds on either sides of the fire. I wish Anali were here. I sighed and fell asleep.

The End

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