The Plan


Well you see I could still remember who I was but I couldn't any part of my body. The only time I could do anything was if Jaen ordered me to. I prayed that Willow was still okay if she wasn't I was going to kill myself because of my lack of guard. I could still be at our little cottage chasing Willow trying to get her to do the dishes but no I had to go back into my little water act and not notice those guards coming up behind me. Another thing about being under Jaen's control is that I couldn't speak unless he got into my mind even further to make me do that. Otherwise I didn't have a voice.

"Come Anali." Jaen said and my body moved forward. It had been about a day since my capture. I followed Jaen down to the thrown room where the king was waiting. "Any succsess my liege in getting the other one?"

"No that's why she's going to help us get her." he had pointed at me. My mind raced. They didn't mean Willow did they?

"Yes my lord. We will make leave tomorrow morning."


I looked at the girl. "I'm sorry but I just realized that we haven't introduce ourselves." she looked up

"Oh yeah. I'm Willow." she gave me a smile which made her whole face almost light up.

"I'm Colin." I held out my hand and she shook it. She began thinking again. "Maybe we should go check the other villages or... didn't some other land declare war on us?" She nodded "Then maybe..."

"We should go check there!" she finished my sentence which made me laugh. She started laughing too. I would never forget that laugh. It sounded like bells.

The End

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