The Attack

I walked back to the river. It was probably because I could control but it just kept calling to me. I could control fire as well but it never did what water did with me. Once at the river I did what I usually did and just played with it. Then suddenly I was grabbed! I struggled to get out I even tried to use the water but it wasn't working! They then made it so I couldn't breath and I passed out from lack of air.

I woke up while my captors were carrying me to a big castle. Once inside they led me into a chamber and threw me on the ground. My arms were tied behing my back and I just couldn't call on the fire or water.

"It's not going to work." a voice said in front of me. I couldn't sense Willow nearby. I could sense anyone for miles around. I sense everyone in the castle and a lot of people around it but now Willow. Good. I thought At least they didn't get her. I turned back to the man who had spoken.

"What's not going to work?" I demanded getting to my feet.

"Your powers. You were trying to call them weren't you." It wasn't a question

"What have you done to me?!" I yelled at him. He walked over to me and had my bonds cut. Once they were off I noticed a green bracelet on my wrist. "Wizardry." I said stunned. The man laughed. There was something familer about him but I couldn't tell what. I tried to lunge at him but I was stopped by some invisible force. I fell to the ground and sensed a greater aura off to my right. I turned and saw another man

"Anali, you've really got to pay more attention to your senses before you do anything." he said and he was right. If I had been paying more attention I could've stopped these people from capturing me.

"Who are you people?" I asked as I stood back up

"I am Orthen, King of Manoryia." he answered "And this is Jaen who you probably already guessed is a wizard." Manoryia....

"Aren't you the one who stated war against us?" I asked and he nodded "What do you want me for?"

"You my dear are going to help me." Orthen said

"I will never help you!" I snapped just the Jaen walked over to me

"You are going to help him." He said looking straight into my eyes. Just then I everything went black.

The End

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