Foiling Plans is FUN!

I ran along the bottom branches of the trees. It's a habit I picked up, running on tree limbs like a squirrel.  Maybe I should become a squirrel. I'm a nature-nymph. I can control as well as become part of nature. My raven black hair was flowing behind me. It's only halfway to my waist, but I'm working on it. As I transformed into squirrel-form, I jumped higher into the tree. I saw the hut where the robbers lived and started to stop. Anali, my sister, stopped underneath me and I scampered down onto her shoulder.

"There it is." I said pointing.

"They don't hide it very well, do they?" Anali was using obvious sarcasm. I laughed softly, sounding more like a squeak than a laugh.

"No they don't. Then again  we are the only ones who come out here." I changed into a barn owl and flew silently to the window. As I peered in, I saw the robbers just coming into the room.

"...and then we'll finish with da house closest to da woods. Got it?" the leader was just finishing with the instructions of robbery.

"Uhhhh.....could you repeat dat?" a dumb looking robber asked.

"WE'RE ONLY ROBBING THE VILLAGE, DOPE!" Ouch, my ears. Yelling is not good when you're a barn owl. They have extraordinary hearing. I flipped my head around (again, I'm an owl at the moment.) and looked at Anali.

"Did you catch that?"  I asked. She nodded. "Let's find out which side they're coming from and beat them there.

"Alright we'll be going in on da East side, darker dat way." Anali and I turned and ran toward our village. We reached the East side before the robbers did, barely though. The robbers arrived and I turned into a tiger a leapt at them. The men supporting their boss turned and ran.  Scaredy cats.

"Get back here!!!!" The boss turned to watch as his "loyal" crew disappear. He turned to look back at us in time to see flames coming towards him."AAACK!!" He turned as fast as he could and scrambled away into the forest exclaiming,"We are moving away from here!!"

"Ha!" I transformed back into a girl as Anali put out the flame she was holding with water."Was that fun or what?"

"Yeah I don't know. It was good. At least we saved the village." She started to walk towards the river again.

"Well, I'm going to go into the woods to make sure they're gone. Later!" I jumped into the trees and took off, as a chipmunk.

The End

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