A Book Containing My Secrets

A whistle had an eagle on the ground next to me. Slicing off a branch, I concentrated really hard on turning it into paper. It worked, and soon after I'd made myself a quill and ink, I wrote a note. A very simple short note, but important nonetheless. Using a thin vine I tied it to the eagle's back. A few words in eagle had the bird flying off toward my village. I turned myself into a coyote and curled up under a tree for the night.

The days went by uneventfully except for the occasional spasm of pain through my whole body. The mark I'd taken from Anali still confused me. Where had I seen it? Why was it so familiar?

Soon the eagle returned with another note and a book in its talons. I took these from him, gave him a fish, then sent him off back to his life. Opening the note, I found I had contacted the right person.


Wise choice entrusting me with your predicament. I never would've guessed you were a nature nymph! Does Anali have powers too? If you survive your adventure, which I'm sure you will, you two will have to show me your stuff! I have searched through my oldest books, the ones I never let anyone read besides myself or because I don't understand the language, and found exactly what you asked for. Enjoy learning about your heritage and I hope you'll share your findings.

Your friend,

Good old Methuselah. The man who single handedly ran the library, wrote our village's history, healed the sick, and pretty much raised me and Anali after our mother died. I don't know how much Anali likes him, but personally he's always been one of my greatest friends. I could trust him, unlike some people I know.

I grabbed the book from the ground where the eagle had left it. It was carefully wrapped in protective cloth. It was a book I'd seen only once in my life when I'd snuck into the back of the library. The title was appealing to me. Unwrapping it, the old cover, written in nature nymph, stated its title: The History and Training Guide of Nature Nymphs

The letters seemed, well, natural for me to be able to read. Opening it, I read the introduction.

Here you will read about historic nature nymphs through the ages. It is written by nature nymphs, and is only to be read by nature nymphs. It provides instructions on how to use your powers in case there is not an elder nymph to be your master.

Well there certainly wasn't one for me. I flipped to the next page and found a table of contents. Flicking my eyes down the page, I found a section on curse marks. Opening to it, there was a note above the rest reading, "Most wizards don't realize the meanings of the marks they put on their victims. The only ones that do are nature nymphs." Hm, I thought, I'll have to see how they keep the language secret. I skimmed down the list of marks until I found one that looked like the one on mine and Anali's arms. After it was a single word, the meaning of the mark. Slave

The End

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