A Mark to Share

"Is this true?" I wanted to search his eyes, find something, but he didn't let me.


"So-so you lied to me?" I felt hurt. I thought I had found someone who I could trust.

"Willow, I-"

"I trusted you!" Tears started to fill my eyes. "I trusted you! Why can't you trust me?"


"Enough talk! You," The wizard pointed at me, "come with me or see your sister killed." I felt the desperation of one under pressure. I moved forward towards my sister.

"Willow don't!" Colin exclaimed. He reached out to grab my hand but I pulled away.

"I just want to touch her." I turned to the wizard. "No funny business."

"Wish granted." I inched forward again and reached down to touch Anali's arm. I sensed something different about her. Puzzled, I lifted up her sleeve. A black mark on her arm made me shudder. I remembered it from somewhere, but not by seeing it. A small plant grew next to me and entwined itself around my hand. I felt its power, and, using it, started to take the mark off. Before Jaen would think anything was up, I pulled my hand away. Backing up, I turned to address the wizard.

"I haven't made my decision. If you try to kill her, I will know." Turning into a hawk, I flew away.

Miles away from where I finally saw Anali, I turned into a human to see if my theory was true. Lifting up my sleeve I saw, faintly, the same mark. Smiling, I knew that I had taken half of her mark off and put it on my own arm. I would take half the pain she would've gotten if he squeezed that orb again. The mark linked us. I hoped it would give her a little of my nature nymph strength. Maybe, just maybe, it would keep Anali alive.

The End

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