The Tale of Two Sisters

Willow and Anali are two twins with strange powers. None of the villagers in their village know about it because they hide it so well. But when some strange people begin chasing them they begin their adventure of a life time.

I walked out of the tiny cottage where me and my sister lived in just outside of the village. It was right next to the forest and a small river. I continued to walk toward the river my long silver hair blowing in the wind. The thing about me and my sister is that we weren't normal humans. I was able to control and use water and fire. My twin sister, Willow, is a nature nymph.  I made it to the water then after making sure no one was around I made the water float up and drop in the bucket that I had brought with me. Just then Willow came out and walked over to me.

"Good morning." Willow said smiling.

"Hey." I turned around "So you ready to get going?"

"Yeah!" Willow answered eagerly. Early that morning Willow had found a band of thieves hidden in the woods and we were planning on foiling their plans. I quickly dropped the bucket off at the cottage then walked back out.

"Then let's get going!" we headed off to the forest. Willow climbed up in the trees while I stayed on the ground.

The End

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