Fate after number eight

"Inferline, finish him off with flame wheel!" I roared, my large lion pokemon used her bodily flames to become a wheel and strike my weak foe, the large Pharoar. A large psychic pokemon that resembled a sphinx.

"Pharoar, try recovery!" spat Pharoar's trainer, Sybill, the leader of Weatherthorn City Gym. Her large feline tried healing using its psychic health, but that left it a sitting duck for an Inferline Flamethrower.

The large sphinx cried its last cry as it's head slumped to the floor. "My Pharoar!" Sybill gasped, putting a frail hand over her wrinkled mouth. "My amazingly powerful Pharoar. You've never lost since you evolved from a Whiscleo. How is this possible"

A felt smug with myself as I returned Inferline to his pokeball a champion. Weatherthorn was my eighth and final gym battle, I had collected all eight Koshen Gym badges.

"Here you go, young lad" Sybill sighed, when both her and I stood outside into the sunset, "the future badge"

She handed over the clock shaped badge, and I pinned it the inside of my vest, with my other seven. My moment of triumph did not last for as I shook Sybill's hand, a deafending cry met our ears.

"Over there!" Sybill cried, pointing a bony finger to the skies. A dragon, similar to that of chinese mythology flew past. It had powerful flames roaring along it's back and legs. It dissapeared over the hills...silently.

"Silmont Mountains" Sybill noted, "that is where that beast resides". Those few words changed my life forever. My mind was made up, and my heart was in the right place. I was going to catch that dragon.   

The End

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