The tale of three dragons

A prologue to a legendary trio I made up

Once upon a time, in the pokemon region of Koshen, a terrible dragon terrorised the villagers.
One day, a brave knight and his band of mighty pokemon, marched off to fight the dragon. Using a mighty metal sword, he defeated the dragon after weakening it first with his pokemon.

High in the skies, a ghost dragon saw the scene and felt sympathy for the dragon. He used his reincarnation powers to bring the soul of memory of the dragon to life.

With it, he made three eggs which hatched into three dragons. One was a water dragon, to symbolise its birth in a lake, another was a fire dragon to symbolise its life of breathing fire, the third was a steel dragon to symbolise his death to the sword.

These three dragons still roam the area of Koshen, hiden away from humans with fear of being hunted. Very few people have seen them, and luckily I am one of those few.

The End

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