Agentha Tallow

Agentha Tallor had been given the instructions to hide the baby and make sure that he was safe. She had to raise him in as quiet a life as she could, with none of the dreadful fame that she had to live with. And why had they given her the child? She asked herself for the hundredth time. Because she was the most privileged of the Tallor family, and she had the most opportunities to give the baby.

Agentha Tallor sighed and continued along the route to her mansion. Suddenly, there was a yelling behind her, and she didn’t stop or turn around. She knew that it was probably just some of her worshippers. But it wasn’t.

“Agentha Tallor is so ignorant she doesn’t even turn around when someone yells at her!”

At that comment, Agentha immediately whipped around, the baby still in her arms.

“What do you want? Leave me alone and be along on your way!”

There was a large crowd amassed behind her. Agentha hadn’t heard that many people.

“Leave us, Pure Whimm! Leave us and be onyourway! How rude of you, pure Whimm, to not turn around when someone calls you!” and with a yell, they all started hurling stones at her.

“Stop! I just want to help the babe, that’s all! It is but a tiny babe! Surely you have mercy?”

“We want no more pure-bloods!” came the reply. It slowly became a chant, as more and more people joined in.

This was an unexpected turn of events that no-one had counted on.Just save the baby, came the thought in Agentha’s mind,for Stefan and Amanda’s sake!

And with that, she ran. And ran, and ran. She tried to get as far away from the angry mob as possible.

Panting, she surveyed her surroundings. She hadn’t looked to see where she was going before: she had just concentrated on running.

She was on a cliff which was overhanging the roaring waves below. She kneeled down and cradled the baby in her arms. There was no way that she was going to let him go. For the sake of the newly wed couple, Agentha wished that the baby’s parents had gone far, far away.

There was shouting behind her. Agentha instantly tensed. How had they managed to find her? With panic racing in her brain, she looked and saw the mob again.

“I know how to hurt the pure-blood!” one of them shouted. “Hurt the baby and you’ll get to her heart!”

“No!” Agentha cried, “Please, keep away from the baby!”

With a laugh, a man with the foulest, greasiest hair stepped forward and snatched the baby from her. “Like I said, the baby is the woman’s precious, isn’t it?”

Sobbing, Agentha gave nothing away. If they wanted to believe that it was hers, let them do that. At least give the baby’s parents a chance to live.

Then, suddenly, she felt something sharp connecting with her head. She cried out in pain.

“That serves her right!” the man with greasy hair said, then everything went black. The last thing that she saw was the man clutching the baby and laughing.

The End

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