The Tale of the Two Whimms


Whimms are naturally magical beings. They each contain a source of power so large that it is impossible to see the edge of the endless expanse of magic. Those reserves of magic are kept in an object of varying shape and size. It depends on what each Whimm likes. It is the Whimm’s own special object, and it can only contain the power because it is the special object of a Whimm.


Petrye Tallor was a Whimm. He was yet to find his power though, and the only reason why anyone knew that he was a Whimm was because his parents were both Whimms, and if a person’s parents were both Whimms, that child was very likely a Whimm themselves.

It was a very rare thing to have pure Whimm blood in your veins, but then again, it was very rare to have a name like ‘Petrye’. Petrye was considered an outsider, not because of his name, but because he was purely Whimm. It should have been the other way around, pure-blooded Whimms being the ones who were popular and treated the best, but the times had changed, and people had slowly grown more and more jealous of the way pure Whimms were treated. Then, eventually, it had come to a point where the roles were swapped around, and instead of being treated better, pure Whimms found themselves being treated worse.

Petrye’s parents had done everything they could to protect him, and that included giving him the ideal lifestyle. For them, the ideal lifestyle wasn’t fame, it was quite the opposite.

Petrye’s parents had tried to give him this when he was but a mere baby. It was before the pure Whimms were treated badly, and his parents had thought that they had it all planned out. His grandmother, Agentha Tallor, was famous among the Whimms, and everyone knew her. In the old days, when pure Whimms were treated better, Agentha was basically worshipped, and that gave the Tallor family a good reputation. But now the good reputation had turned nasty, and they were treating the Tallors even worse than they were treating the rest of the pure-bloods.

The End

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