Extra POV: The Negotiation of Onyx Woods, Pt. 2

Dragged in by the creatures of eternal night
Oliver Hartfield lay unconscious at his feet
He couldn't help but think of the man's blood under ultraviolet light

Suddenly, Ethan realized that he had no right
To be ending his brother, raised from the same teat
For if more blood did shed, karma, Ethan would invite

The unseen witch snarled, expecting a fight
 "Kill him now, or my wrath you shall meet
Don't you desire the years you hold tight?"

"Forgive me ma'am, but I'll not this night
The life of my brother I cannot delete"
"Ryan's death was born from Oliver's delight"

 Ethan froze and whimpered in fright
"This villainous thing killed Ryan discreet?"
"Nothing in this life is black and white"

The hand of death he prepared to ignite
The killing of brothers he was doomed to repeat
Before Oliver's body his brother could smite
The man regained consciousness at the speed of light



The End

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