Extra POV: The Negotiation of Onyx Woods, Pt. 1

In a place where the leaves are the blackest of hues
A witch was rumoured to dwell within. 
A young man named Ethan went searching for clues
To extend his own life and outlive his kin

The forest of onyx was a grave place indeed
Spiders and snakes and grizzlies galore 
Even without the witch you could bleed
These beasts love flesh... especially yours 

Nestled within, untouched by mankind
An odd looking house stood proudly
Built from the wood of the forest's own pine
It seemed to have its own sort of cruelty

Ethan knocked once, quite unafraid
Ethan knocked twice, as if to persuade
Third time's the charm?
What could be the harm?

The door creaked open wide
Ethan peered his head in
There was no one inside
But a few suits of skin

Victims, of the witch, I'm afraid
Such fine people they could've been
But with the fine side of the witch's blade
Their stories they shall never spin

A sudden shout broke the eerie quiet
It was the witch, asking, "who's there?" 
Ethan felt small, although not on a diet
Cried, "Ethan Hartfield and his head of hair"

The witch would not allow a soul to view her
And thus became invisible often
Every time she moved there was but a blur
But lack of seeing made Ethan's courage soften 

"I'm here to strike a deal"
"For the life of your brother?"
"One hundred years is my appeal"
"Sorry, boy, not even for your mother"

Ethan was frantic, puzzled and mad
One hundred years was the time discussed
"I've realized after remembering your dad
Your natural lifespan was to be three years and one month

My curse actually lengthened your life
Without me you would've died of illness"
"Now now, witch, I don't want any strife
Give me a century, for you are ageless"






The End

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