The Inception of Corruption

     Oliver sat on his childhood bed alone, wrapped up in an old blanket. With a new grasp of his mortality, Oliver was unsure of his next step in life, whether he should have a next step at all, even. At one in the morning, his mother came into the room. She turned on the lights and came to sit down beside him. "Honey, are you all right?" she whispered lovingly. 

     "No... I'm not," came the harsh reply, "I don't think I'll ever be okay again."

     He glanced out the window and saw the trees shaking from the intense gusts of wind. "To think, I only have twenty-one years left. Damn..."

     She put her hand on his shoulder and held him tight. "Is Ethan still here?" he inquired.

     "No," came the reply, "He said that he had some important business to attend to and left a few hours ago."

     "I'm scared, mom. I'm scared of dying."

     She held him even tighter and smoothed his straight, blond hair back. "You're my favourite, Oliver... have I ever told you that?"

   He shook his head. "Well you are." She leaned a little closer to him. "I'm going to let you in on a little secret, okay?" she whispered.

   Oliver nodded and listened intently. His mother looked around first, to ensure that his father wasn't around. "You can extend your own lifespan. All you have to do is end the lives of your brothers; then you'll be the sole recipient of the shared years."

     At this remark the young man hesitated. Throughout his entire life, their mother had shown equal love and compassion towards the three. Never before had she ever favoured one brother over another, not even slightly. But this... this was just insane. "I- I can't do it, mom... I can't kill Ethan and Ryan, even if it would make me live longer. I love them."

     She gave him a sympathetic smile and hugged him once more. "If you do this now, you'll live until sixty-one. That's twenty-one years more than your limit right now. Just think. You'd get royalties from your novels and have the time to bathe in the luxuries of your success. It'd be so easy, Ollie. So, so easy."

     A brief moment of silence paused the conversation. Oliver stared deep into his mother's eyes. Since the day of his inception, never an unkind word to him had ever left her lips. She always knew what was best for him, what was on his mind, sometimes before he even knew. Oliver trusted her completely.

     "Mom... I'm going to go out drinking with Ryan tonight", he whispered.

     Her face instantly lit up. "Don't wait up for me, okay, mom? Love you."

     "Love you too, sweetheart."

     He kissed her on the cheek and she left the room, beaming. Oliver put on some casual clothes and hopped into his car. There was no logical thought any longer. Oliver desired life, that's all he knew now. If he waited and simply let them live, the shared pool of available years would keep decreasing and decreasing... until it reached zero... and they all died. All three of them. This had to happen tonight.

     He eventually found Ryan's new European sports car at BlueHouse Booze, a local place downtown. Hilariously, the sleek black V8 had already been dented. A huge dent in the front of the vehicle indicated a head-on impact. "That Ryan... what a waste of space", Oliver muttered under his breath, chuckling softly.

     The interior of the bar smelled of sin and quarters, due to the fact that it was also an arcade. Ryan sat miserably at the counter, downing more alcohol than a bear could handle. "Ryan, Ryan, Ryan," Oliver greeted, sitting down on the stool to his brother's left, "Look at you, man."

     "You... you shut yer mouth, Ollie", Ryan snarled, jabbing his index finger into his brother's chest. His speech was noticeably slurred. Oliver began to think that murder wouldn't be necessary tonight, considering the fact that Ryan here was practically killing himself

     "You're still distraught about the 40 year limit thing, huh?" Oliver asked sympathetically.

     Ryan nodded. "Well, yuh. All my life, Oliver, all my life; all my life I've been partyin' and drinkin' and getting into trouble and crap. Do yuh know why?"

     Oliver shook his head. "Because I was young, bro," he continued, "My life philosophy was basically, 'live now, die later'. I never built up a skill like you or invested in something like Ethan because I thought that I had years and years to go. But now... I realize that I only have two decades left. I only have two decades left and I'm regretting all the time I've wasted in places like this, Ollie. I'm a failure..."

     "We all have twenty-one years left, bro," Oliver assured, "And you know what? We're going to make the best of it, I swear. We'll see all the sights and do all the things that not even most celebrities have done. We'll spend the next twenty years owning the world; you, me and Ethan. Come on, what do you say, huh?"

     Ryan smiled for the first time in hours. "You're right, bro. Totally right. Let's- let's ditch this dump and go- go somewhere, you know?"

     Oliver nodded and grinned. "I know just the place," he replied, "Let's call up Ethan too, tell him to fix the dent on your ride."

     Outside of the bar, Oliver took out his cell phone and rang up Ethan. If he could kill both of them at once... it'd be ideal. First call, no answer, only voicemail. Same with the second... and the third... no cigar on the fourth either. "Guess Ryan's going alone tonight," Oliver sighed, "Too bad..."

     Ryan and Oliver got into Ryan's totalled sports car and Oliver drove them into the next town over. There, underneath a highway overpass, human hands would interfere with the designs of human life. "It's three in the morning," Ryan whined, "Why are we out here? It's freezing..."

     Long story short, Oliver knocked Ryan out with a blunt blow to the head, then proceeded to set his sports car on fire with the unconscious Ryan inside. "Sleep tight Ryan", Oliver whispered, kissing his beloved brother on the forehead before walking away.

     Around seven, Oliver was back at his own house. He could feel 10 years and 6 months of extra life flowing into his body already. The other half of it was in Ethan's body. But that was to change soon enough. 

The End

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