The Tale of The PilgrimsMature

Tria gripped on tightly as she could onto the ship's handling. Her hands seemed to slip away from her trembling clasp as the storm raged on, wording its threat with another rumbling thunder. The huge waves of the sloshing waters splashed at the ship's side every time the current pushed it further, making the impact much worse. Tria held on to the breached wood with all her might, tilting her head to glance at the sky for any sight of mercy from the gods. The sky was now a darkened mist with gray


 She never meant to kill him.

Tria, age fifteen, two months to becoming sixteen.

The girl with the flawlessly braided pigtails that shimmered a golden blond in the sunlight. The girl with the eclipse-like eyes made so enchanting with the ebony lining around the irises. The girl with the freckled nose. The girl with the pale skin. The girl who bore the so-slender figure. The girl who always sneaked out at class mid-morning to buy ice cream from the musical ice-cream cart and ate with her best friends, daringly seated on top of the school’s brick walls. She was the girl who challenged the boys. Who play pranks on her classmates. Who wore her father’s baggy pants to school despite her aunt’s cries. She was the one who wore the faded brown overalls. She was the girl who would dare climb up the apple trees in Mr. Freshet’s house and plucked the most ripened and juiciest apples she would ever find. She was the girl who was so lively and gay until her father was dead. The girl who murdered a man. The girl who was hauled to the accused’s stand in court, locked in handcuffs. Tria. Tria the wanted criminal.

But she never pictured her life would end up like this. This was worse. Too much. All was going well until her father died. Then she was slaved…for life. She was threatened. She was lusted for. She was wounded continuously by baleful words. She was abused.

It was then when she couldn’t bear it anymore. She lost control.

“You damned lady of a moron!” the cop screeched after the running Tria. His face twisted in a rageful frown. “The devil would even hail! Come back, you puny----”

The officer’s shrieks were blown out by the blaring horns. Down the road, Tria could hear him screaming at his crew.“Yah bloody group of couch potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!............yah ought ta…”

She scampered down deep into the first alley she entered, her heart thwacking soundly against her gentle chest.

Please. She thought as she forced her weary legs to run and run, faster and swift with each step.Please leave me alone.

Tria sobbed as she let out heavy pants, growing nauseous with all the exhaustion and pain. She felt her vision blur with each pace, dizziness engulfed her with ache and drowsiness.

“Hey you bitch, I’m gonna…..,” The yells of the cop fainted away, sounding distant.

She didn’t know whether it was her or if she had really gotten far away from his sight.

The plain, filthy walls of the narrow alley went on and on, as if it had an inevitable end. At last fatigue took over Tria, and she fell, slamming her face solid on the bare, dirt ground.

She never imagined her life would end like this.

The End

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