Chapter Two


Orlando and Johnny were lying in Orlando’s bed naked. Johnny was flicking through the book and Orlando was lying with his head resting on Johnny’s stomach.

“That was fucking sick” said Orlando

“Yeah I know” said Johnny casually

“I can’t believe I actually just did that,” said Orlando, “I mean, what have I been doing with my time?”

“Playing video games” said Johnny

“But that was just a one off wasn’t it?” said Orlando

“What, playing video games?”

“No, I mean, that.” Orlando scratched the top of his head

“Oh, that. Um, I’m not particularly bothered. But don’t forget I’m still your master so I have to stay here anyway.”

“Can we do it again?” asked Orlando.

Johnny shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said finally


“The age difference is too big. I mean, honestly, how old are you?” said Johnny

“I’m 17,” said Orlando, “Why? How old are you?”

“944” was his reply

“Oh,” said Orlando, “But that doesn’t matter. You’re a genie; of course you’re bound to be a bit older. That’s not a real reason.”

“It’s against your religion.” Johnny said quickly

“I’m Buddhist.” Said Orlando

“You’re Buddhist?” said Johnny, momentarily distracted, “I thought that they were against killing?”

“I am” said Orlando defensively.

Johnny walked over to the video games and DVDs and picked up the nearest pile.

“Bloodbath 4, Revenge of the Killer Bikini Vampire Girls, Return of the Swamp Monster from Hell, Cop Chase 2, need I go on?”

“Doesn’t mean I kill people” Orlando answered. “This has nothing to do with my religion does it? If you don’t want to you could just say”

“I’m sorry Orlando,” said Johnny, “It’s just that I’ve become a bit defensive since what happened last time I ... You know what, it doesn’t matter. You’re a nice kid; I’ll be going back into my book now.”

“Wait” Orlando walked over to Johnny and held his hands. He kissed him again. “Don’t go. I don’t know who the heck you are, where you came from, or even your last name, but I don’t care. You only live once Johnny, and I don’t know why, but I like you. I mean, up until this morning I was completely straight, but there’s just something about you that I can’t put my finger on.” He moved even closer and kissed Johnny again, putting his hand down there...

“Good plan” gasped Johnny

“Duh” said Orlando.

The End

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