The Tale of the Lost Heir of Llyonesse


 A child is born from the womb of a Chosen Girl: Gwendolen, daughter of Queen Guinevere and the High King, Arthur. Her son... Arthur Emrys Pendragon. He is the grandson of Merlin the Wizard and the High King.

* * * * * * *

The sun rose just as the child took its first breath. "Give me the child." the Wizard demanded, entering the chamber. The High King stepped infront of him. "Merlinus." he said gruffly. "I will not have you take our grandchild away. Ever since your son Pyriddan died, Gwendolen hasn't been the same. And yet you dare take away the one thing that could make her happy!" the King roared. Merlinus looked at him calmly. Sadness clouded those ancient eyes. "Arthrye, I do this for the sake of the throne. The future needs him. We need him!" He said softly, pointing to the child. Gwendolen looked towards them weakly. "Take him." she rasped hoarsely. "My strength, my will, to live has left me. I am weak and wish to die. To live with my love Pyriddan again in the Otherworld." She said, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "Do not talk like that Gwen." her mother, Guinevere said sharply. Gwen looked away, crying silently. Arthur looked at the child. The babe had not made a sound, but had fallen straight to sleep. Arthur looked at Gwendolen. "What shall be the child's name?" He asked. "His name," she breathed roughly, "shall be Arthur Emrys Pendragon." Merlin and Arthur looked at her,surprised. "A fitting name for a child who is the grandchild of two kings." Guinevere said, proudly picking up the babe. Gwen held out her arms for her son. Guinevere placed her grandson into the arms of his mother. Gwen looked at him proudly, yet in that smiled was the smallest hint of sadness, and in the kiss she gave him, regret. Arthur opened his eyes, to reveal small deerskin-brown eyes. They shone brightly, and in the depths of his pupils, a deep wisdom. "Take care my child. Grow strong and wise in the eyes of God." She said softly. A tear slipped from her eyes and landed on his small chest. Where the tear landed was now a white circle near his heart. She began to sob when he reached up and touched her chin softly. Merlin walked past the High King and stood next to the bed in which his daughter by marriage held the hope for the future. Gwen kissed her son once more before giving him to Merlin. "The child shall be taken to a good family." Merlin said before disappearing with Arthur. Two hours later, the High King and High Queen, the High Court stood before a fresh grave. Days later, King Arthur fell in battle. Avalon, the capital city of Llyonesse, fell into chaos as it would. Merlin looked behind him. He had returned only days ago. He leaned his head to the side, listening. He eyes clouded over. "In Britain's darkest hour, a King shall rise. A king that shall rise from the ashes of a lost monarchy. He shall be Arthur, High King of Britain/" He said in a deep voice. His Staff glowed and vanished. And there died the Great Wizard Merlin.

The End

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