The tale of the girl and her mysterious talking pencilcase.

Lauren was an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. That is, until she asked a rhetorical question and was answered!

The task was set in class. Lauren turned to the empty seat beside her. Her best friend Molly McPoppin was ill and that meant there was an odd number in class. So that meant Lauren had to sit on her own. 'Stupid odd number of pupils..' she muttered to herself. Lauren always looked to Molly to perk up her lesson; their teacher Mr Tumbling wasn't very nice and the only jokes he told were terrible. Everyone had to laugh or else he would not be happy. Behind her, Saira sat scribbling her answers like a keen scribbling thing. Lauren looked at her paper. So far she had written:

The date

Her name

The title.

That was it so far. Lauren groaned and turned to the empty seat again. 'So, what do you think?'

'Well I reckon we should start with a good intro, I have a few ideas, want to hear?' Lauren started at the voice coming from....her pencilcase? What? Was she going crazy? She looked around the classroom but everyone else was deep in concentration. Hm. Had they heard? She asked Saira, '...Did you hear that?'


Lauren sighed. 'I am going crazy!' she muttered to herself.

'No you're not!' The pencilcase piped up. Lauren stared at it in bewilderment. 'Your friend Molly? She sorted this.'

'But...' Lauren blinked. 'HOW?'

The End

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