The Cobra and The Prison

Shattering blades of wood came crashing towards my body, a sword plummeting to the ground beside me. It shimmered in the setting sun. I was on the ground, pressed in the grass, just like the sword that lay before me in all of it's glory. The only thing I could do was reach out to grab it...

Fangs landed just next to me, too close to be comfortable, but far enough away that I wasn't hurt. I grabbed ahold of the hilt of the sword and maneuvered it around to slash through the scaled exterior of the Cobra, blood splattering down onto my face. It screeched, releasing Leliko roughly onto the ground. She spat out bits of dirt and looked up wearily at me. 

Suddenly a fang hit right next to my arm, only slightly tearing the fabric that was my skin. I clenched my teeth and rolled around on the ground. I jumped on foot and was finally right up again. I was looking at the Cobra through it's red hot eyes that looked at me moving it's tongue around. 

We stood face to face and I felt the fire like it had just surrounded us in a circle, keeping us from being able to make a brave escape. Although I really wanted to just throw her over my shoulder and run her out and into a boat to the sea. But I couldn't. I had to finish this for one and all. Who knows what's out beyond the comforts of Arrowtrever? It's proven to be quite a dangerous place. After the war this place hadn't seemed the same. 

The Cobra made an attempt towards me and i stabbed it roughly in the bridge of it's nose. It snarled and started biting at the air trying it's best to get a chunk out of me. I slashed the sword, although it was tough to do. I made a permanent scar into it's face. I fell down onto my knees, breathing hard. 

I was almost out of energy. 

It chased me around, and I threw blows to it every chance I got. I did about the same as we moved around in a circle. Finally it stopped and wrapped Leliko back into a coil. 

"Takeshi!" She yelled. "Cut off it's head!" 

I nodded. I rolled behind the head and took a slash to the neck. Harder than I imagined it would be. I tried it again just before it grabbed me within it's monstrous jaws about to swallow me whole. I stabbed around in the mouth as quickly as I could, hitting it from the front of the mouth to the back of the throat. It almost swallowed my sword in the process. 

It spit me out and i ran quickly to the back of the head and started slashing at the neck as quickly as possible. The skin slowly deteriorated and finally the head fell down on the ground flopping around like a fish that was just taken out of it's bowl. 

The body fell lifelessly and Leliko fell down daintily to the ground. She ran up to me and wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. 

"You save my life," She mumbled, looking at me with a look that said I never thought it was possible. 

"You know that means you owe me now," I laughed.

"What do I owe you?" She asked.

"I'll think  of something," I told her,  putting my  hand down onto her shoulder.

We looked through the now broken shake to find a boat. We moved it out into the water and set up the withering sail and got inside.

"Do you even know where to go?" She asked me finally.

"No," I mumbled.

I looked around until the sight of a large eerie boat came into view.

"What's that?" I asked her.

"I don't know," She gasped. "It looks like one of their prison ships though."

"Then we'll follow it there."  

"But if we're caught then they'll kill us," She mumbled.

"Thats a chance we'll have to take," I informed her, acting brave. "You can leave now if you want."

"No," She said roughly. "I'm going." 

The End

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