"Goodnight Talon," Kathleen muttered while sending me out the door. "Thanks for all your help this week."

"No problem," I said back before exiting. The week had passed by so quickly. I wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because I was keeping bust which I never did before. i slipped the glasses off of my nose and the hat off of my head. 

"Takeshi," Zanario whispered from his shop. "Get in here." I followed him inside his house. Leliko was sitting in there with us. "I've heard some terrible news."


"They suspect that your back," Leliko explained. "They have guards left over from the war running around everywhere looking for you. I don't know why they think your alive again since we've hid you undercover, but they do. And so now you need to be careful about just taking your costume off in public. If they figure out that we know you we're all dead."

"Your like the boy who cried wolf," I grumbled. 

"What do you mean?"

"Your always like 'we're all dead, we're all dead', " I explained to her. She grimaced at me.  

"Will you two stop bickering," Zanario pleaded. "This is serious. We have to be more careful about how we walk around here. We have to act like we don't know anything in a way that no one suspects that we do. It can cause very bad things to happen. That's the last thing that we need right now." 

"I understand," I muttered. Leliko said goodnight to us and went back upstairs. 

"She's been acting really strange since you've been back," Zanario explained. "She just started to get over the death of her mom and started to show some chance of recovering from the backlash of the war."

"I'm sorry," I apologized. This didn't make this any better for me. I figured that I had recovered rather well after the war. Yet thinking about it brought back mental images. I couldn't take it anymore. "I'll see you guys in the morning." I put my glasses and my hat back on. I positioned the hat so that it cast a shadow across my face.

I exited and went back to the abandoned jail cell. That was my home after all. But I couldn't escape the continuous feeling that someone was watching me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end thinking about that. What would they do if they knew? I could barely imagine what would happen. 

I laid down in the rough bed and tried my best to fall asleep and drift into dreams that would only play out the worst possible circumstances and the worst case scenarios. I could only hope for the best in the morning. Hey, no one saw me. No one at all...


The sun rose. I knew because I could see the light filtering in from behind the waterfall and through the small tunnel to the outside. I slipped into one of my coffee shop uniforms and fit the hat on my head and the glasses over my eyes. I looked at my reflection in the water, and laughed to myself at how silly I appeared with glasses fit to my face. 

I walked out into town, ready to work. The smell of smoke and fire lingered in the air. My nose twitched. I saw the small sight of fog in the direction I went to work. 

Oh No! I thought to myself. 

I jolted down the road as fast as I could get my legs to move. The gas smell started to strengthen. The heat blasted and i felt my forehead soaked in sweat. Finally I made it up the stairs and around the corner to see the outside of the coffee shop and Zanario's shop. My eyes widened at what I saw. 

Fire spat out from the windows, the wood slowly getting scorched. The windows split and the walls started to slowly give way. I saw Kathleen sitting on the ground, having to watch her father's shop burn down. She was chained up. Zanario was chained up as well and Leliko was no where to be seen. Officers were holding Kathleen and Zanario captive, watching their homes burn to the ground. 

A hand grabbed me and pulled me behind a wall. I fell down onto the ground and my face was set face-to-face with Leliko's. "You can't stand out there. They know who you are!" 


"Yeah," She stuttered, breathing heavily. "They found out that Kathleen and my father knew about you. Takeshi, I had to lie and defy my father. Look what you've done! They're taking the two of them away to a special island that's a prison where they will torture them until they can give you to them. This is all your fault Takeshi." I started walking away, "Where do you think your going?"

"I'm going to save them."

"Are you crazy?" Leliko gasped. 

"Yeah, I am." I didn't go towards them, but instead I went to the one place where I knew I could find a sword and a boat. The two things I needed. It was an old shack that was hidden inside a large forest. I doubted that anyone would have found it and tore it down. I knew the forest was still there. 

I started my journey through the woods just to have Leliko sneak up behind me. "You ain't going through this alone." I resented giving her a chance to come along with. But I had no other choice. I led her through the woods until we came upon the shack, which was now covered in vines. 

Suddenly Leliko screamed from behind me and when I turned around I saw her, coiled within a giant demon snake. I could tell that this day was just going to get worse and worse. the snake bared his fangs at me, and I felt terrified since I was the one who was unarmed and about to be killed. 


The End

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