Talon's Night Out In Town

The sun set drearily. Kathleen replaced my glasses, and I tried my best to peer over them in order to avoid any worse of a headache. The shop was cleaned from top to bottom after the days rush had melted away. While i walked down the steps I noticed a light was on in Zanario's shop. I still prefer to call it that since I always knew it by that name. 

Kathleen was staying in the shop for the night. So I figured no harm could come. I opened the door slowly. The main room was dark and I could barely see my way through. Suddenly a flash light was blared into my eyes. 

"Who's there," Zanario's voice growled. I covered my eyes since the glasses were hurtful enough. 

I closed the door behind me. "Zanario is that you?" I asked out into the darkness, my eyes closed. 

He gasped, "No Zanario here! Now get out of here." He ran up to me and grabbed me by my shoulders. 

"Zanario it is you," i cried out, smiling from ear to ear. I hugged him and he looked at me confused. "Takeshi," I mumbled, pointing to myself. He covered my mouth with his hand and pulled me into the lit room. 

"How many people have you told your name to?" He asked me, his eyes wild. 

"Only you and Kathleen," I muttered. 

He exhaled, "Thank goodness boy. I thought we were all dead now. Wait. Holly cow you're alive!"

"Yes, I am," I laughed. "Been alive this whole time." 

"Goodness boy," He laughed back. "We thought they were crazy for putting up those posters. We thought they already got you. So they don't really know your here. Kathleen code named you right?" 

"Yep," I smiled. "I'm Talon now." 

"That Kathleen is a smart one," Zanario praised. "Leliko get out here! There's someone I want you to say hello to." 

"Coming," a female voice called from the other room. The door opened and there she was. Tall and skinny with long blond hair that hung down her back. She had piercing brown eyes and a million dollar smile. She was wearing a brilliantly embroidered dress and her hair was braided in the back. She looked much older than I had remembered her. She had that childish look to her, but it matured much. 

"Leliko," Zanario pronounced. "You remember Takeshi right?" I waved nervously at her. Her smile faded and her eyes widened. She flung her arms behind her back and faked a smile. 

"Nice to see you again," She muttered in a monotone. 

"Isn't this great?" Zanario cheered. "We're all safe now!" 

She scowled, "We're just as much dead as we were seven years ago. Are you really that ignorant father? Why did you welcome him into our home? You're just going to cause us more problems. We've been safe and now you've just welcomed the plague inside our own house!"

"Now Leliko there's no need to be so cold," Zanario snipped. "Give him a nice welcome."

"I refuse to," She hissed.

"I see I'm not wanted here," I muttered, getting up out of my seat. Zanario pulled me back down and my head hit the table.

"He won't cause us any harm if he's disguised as Talon," Zanario explained to her.  

"I still don't trust him," She growled. 

"He saved your life," Zanario brought up cooly. "You actually owe him." She scoffed, and turned away from us. "She's only acting that way because she knows I'm right," Zanario whispered to me. He was right. Leliko was aware of the fact that she was forced to accept me since I shielded her from a blow that could've killed her. 

"Can you trust me Leliko?" I asked her. She turned around and looked at me. She thought about it for a second, and then sadly nodded to me. 

The End

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